All wooden floors supplied by us are produced by our artisan planing mill in the Netherlands. We buy our basic wood cut and dried from our regular dealers within France.


Before the woodwork can start, we check the quality of the supplied wood. Only raw material that can be worked into high-quality wood flooring is accepted. This way we can supply the finest engineered or solid wood floors, as well as a wide range of colours, allowing you to purchase that wood floor that meets your requirements and wishes. We gladly inform you of the many possibilities available to you.


The approved raw materials undergo three different processes before planing is complete.

First, the rough wood is planed clean on all four sides, after which it is decided on which side the wood is of the best quality. The wood is checked for flaws such as fungus, stripes or imperfections due to drying. These imperfection are often invisible in rough wood. 

uipkes planing mill

Secondly, the still-rough boards are cut to length and at the ends provided with tongue and groove.

Lastly, the boards are measured and cut to the appropriate length. Lastly the boards are cut to length and at the ends provided with tongue and groove. After this we check whether the planed boards are of great quality. good.

Watch the video explaining the planing process.