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When buying a wood floor, you are presented with question after question and the realisation that carefully laying and finishing your floor is as important as choosing your preferred type of wood, color and pattern. Would you like broad boards made out of solid French Oak, with a smoked natural oil finish or might you prefer an aged look? Is engineered flooring more to your liking because you wish to combine it with underfloor heating, but do not want to compromise on the natural look of your home? We have the answers for all of your questions and gladly provide you with free designs, all according to your personal taste.


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We offer over 20 types of solid wood, which natural, authentic look has no compare. No matter what interior you prefer, a solid wood floor brings a luxurious warmth that is extremely durable. Uipkes also carries a range of various types of engineered floors, which consists of various stacked layers of multiplex topped with solid wood. Engineered floors can be combined with underfloor heating and is less prone to shrinking and expanding (known as 'working') due to changes in humidity.


At Uipkes, we take it as our mission to create products that make life more beautiful, in which we take well-made wood floors and fitting interiors as our vantage point. Ranging from exclusive solid wood flooring to engineered flooring; no matter which flooring you pick, it will always bring a touch of nature into your home. The warmth that wood brings into your home radiates even more when you know the wood has been produced in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. This is why we select wood for our flooring that comes from demonstrably sustainably managed forest within Europe.

Wood flooring-specialist Martin Uipkes: “Wood flooring breathes life into your home. Wood is warm, strong, durable and a timeless classic. It is an investment for life and that is why we work with the highest quality of sustainable produced wood. Professionally installing and finishing your wood floor in oil or lacquer is a matter of craftsmanship. Our team of expert parquet installers guarantees this!”


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Our new magazine (in Dutch) offers information and inspiration for everyone looking for wood flooring. Sneak a peek into homes and get inspired by the many stylish photographs featuring a wide variety of wood flooring, the newest design in furniture and interviews with famed Dutch designer Piet Boon and TV-host and trendwatcer Monique van der Rijden. Either get your free copy at our showroom or order online.


Would you like our advice and input in designing your wood flooring? Please visit us at our showroom in Alphen aan den Rijn (The Netherlands). We kindly request you bring the measurements of the room or a floor map. If you consider buying your wood flooring at Uipkes Wood Flooring, please note that we are able to offer you an extended warranty, as we are a member of the CBW (Union).

If you would like any photographs, please contact us via email at, we will send you the requested material in TIF-format.