Solid Wood Flooring

Uipkes Wood Flooring can deliver more than twenty kinds of solid wood flooring. Types of flooring that have a very specific look.

Solid wood flooring options

Each type of wood can in turn be processed with natural oils or color oils to give the floor an even more individual character. This creates countless opportunities to create the solid wood floor that is perfect for your home and décor.

Extra Wide Primeval Boards

Extra wide solid planks (primeval boards) in a rustic oak grade with widths up to 38 cm give your home the look of a castle. Exclusivity and a very special atmosphere are unmistakable characteristics that suit this floor. Due to the large widths this solid oak floor will give this distinct look after installation. Also, the low distortion and the creation of small width differences contribute to the particular nature of these floorboards. The boards are also available as an engineered floor and are available in all colors.

This primeval boards have lengths up to five meters long and have a thickness of 25 mm. The panels can be installed directly on beams for example, so that you have a beautiful ceiling downstairs.

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  • colorado white oak floor
  • solid white oak floor
Extra wide plank solid hardwood flooring

Wide plank flooring

The wide plank wood flooring boards are generally installed in large rooms for a better visual effect. From € 225.00 per m² including laying. Suitable for: all residential and business premises Composition: 25 mm rustic oak Colours: available in various colors Hardness: 6280 (according to Janka) Line Installation: glued to particleboard, a total of 40 mm Widths: 260/290 and 380 mm Delivery: 2 to 6 weeks

The boards are generally installed in areas with a large width and length, so the beauty of this product is maximized. 

  • From: € 225,00 per m² incl. installation
  • Suitable for: all residential and business premises
  • Composition: 25 mm rustic oak
  • Colors: available in various colors
  • Hardness: 6280 (according to Janka)
  • Installation method: glued to particleboard, total of 40 mm
  • Widths: 260/290 and 380 mm
  • Delivery time: 2 to 6 weeks
Aged wooden floors in the living room

Distressed wood flooring

We also supply solid wood flooring with an outdated look: a so called distressed wood floor. This aged wood floor made from French oak is dried after cutting. The knots and dry cracks, combined with the damage, give the wood floor a 'lived' look and recall the old shabby floorboards of back in the day. This results in floors that radiate nostalgia and history. Simplicity is central to this line. The boards can be easily installed and finished by you. You can choose from many color finishes and these floors are also very suitable for a combination with underfloor heating.

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