Rustic French Oak

Rustic French oak floors treated with natural oils gives the home a contemporary, yet also a neutral character. This oak flooring we can be supplied in various colors, including smoked, smoked white or natural or black. So you can always choose a color that best suits the decor and feel of your living environment.

Rustic French oak flooring

Rustic French oak flooring options

Rustic French oak floors are characterized by their yellow to brown cognac-like color. The so-called cat paws (small tassels) also characterize French oaks. It is the most popular wood variety for an oak floor. The floorboards are available from 14 cm to 38 cm wide. They can be installed either floating or glued. We have a variety of models of skirting boards, so you can always find the right finish for your wooden floor.

A rustic French oak wooden floor can be cleaned every day. By swiping the floor, you are also maintaining the floor at the same time. View the color chart to compare various finishes of wooden floors.

Rustic French oak floors can be supplied as an engineered wood floor or solid wood floor, depending on the application or if you, for example, want to place the wood floor on underfloor heating.

Delivery time is 2 to 6 weeks within the Netherlands.

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