With the Uipkes lifestyle blog we do not only want to inspire you about wooden flooring, but also the latest living trends, interior design and home accessories. In this way you get an idea of the latest trends and visualize how a wooden floor could look like in your home in the future. Read more about buying a wooden floor at Uipkes and feel free to comment and inspire us!

  • Wood Floor Patterns

    With interiors that are getting more creative and more colorful, the floor will be a key element to make the atmosphere personal and unique. Are you a fan of wood? This warm material is for many a favorite for flooring and there is more and more variety in colors, textures and installation patterns than ever.

    In addition to the authentic look of a real wood plank floor, the current trend is to install other kinds of wood flooring patterns! Our collection features fashionable variations such as the classic herringbone or block and braid motif (Versailles) processed in our wood floors.

  • Wood Floor In The Nursery

    The nursery floor determines to a large extent the atmosphere of the room. When decorating the nursery, the floor is an important part. When choosing a wooden floor for the nursery you take into account various factors. The look that you want to give the room, installation pattern of the floor, the color of the floor, noise, your budget, etc. We can help you make the right choices.