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European Oak Tree

Uipkes Wood Flooring is a sustainable company that deals with wood products in a professional and responsible manner. We place high demands on our own organization and employees, but also on the sustainable origin of our products. We supply high-quality wooden floors that are produced in an ecologically responsible way. That way our customers can enjoy our sustainable wood flooring for a long time. Below you can read what we stand for as a climate neutral company and what we do to contribute to a better climate.

CO2 neutral website

Co2 Neutral Website

The moment you visit our website this will consume some energy. When thousands of visitors come to our website, this will consume a considerable amount of energy. For years we have been supporting an initiative of Aarhus University in Copenhagen to compensate for CO2 emissions from our website use and thus neutralize it. The money that all participants contribute is used to build new, reusable energy sources, various projects that reduce CO2 emissions and to purchase CO2 offsets. Read more about the CO2 Neutral Website.

Fair Climate Fund

Fair Climate Fund

Uipkes Wood Flooring cooperates in financing and implementing climate projects. The FairClimateFund focuses primarily on projects that reduce CO2 emissions and prevent deforestation. In addition, this organization tries to improve the living conditions for people in developing countries, especially in the area of ​​cooking with biogas.

Supporting reforestation projects and reducing CO2 fits in well with the sustainable vision and working method of our company.

Sustainably Managed Forests

Sustainable Management of Forests

Uipkes Wood Flooring only works with European oak wood from sustainably managed forests. Only certain carefully selected trees that have reached a certain height and / or age may be felled here, or trees that almost fall over due to natural causes or that stand in the way of other, younger trees.

In addition, new trees must always be planted back for trees that have been felled. The point of departure is therefore that the existing forest with all its flora and fauna will continue to exist for many years.

Sustainable forest management makes it possible to use wood without having to fear that it will be at the expense of the forest from which it comes. This is also known as sustainably produced timber / responsibly produced timber or certified timber. A sound certificate or quality mark offers the consumer the guarantee that it actually comes from a sustainably managed forest.

Together with the certification system, there is oversight on the forest management and the entire process from planting trees until the store shelves!

Oak trees and their CO2 compensation

Sustainably produced engineered oak floorboars

We all know that these European oak trees, in all those years that they grow, absorb CO2 and release oxygen. CO2 is stored in the wood for years, even when oak planks are made from those trees.

However, the exact amount of CO2 storage is difficult to calculate, because the wood that the floors or furniture are made of, is often discarded and burned after many years. The CO2 is then released. Because our wooden floors last for more than 20 years and in the meantime new trees are planted that also absorb CO2, you can at least speak of a CO2 neutral product.

If you compare sustainably produced timber with laminate or PVC floors made from plastic (eg produced from crude oil) or non-renewable materials such as stone, then it is clear that sustainable wood is an environmentally friendly choice that also yields a beautiful natural result that brings your home or office to life.


In all of the showrooms of Uipkes Wood Flooring we use LED lighting in combination with green energy. The big advantage of LED lighting over traditional lighting, such as the light bulb and energy-saving lamp, is that it gives a much larger number of burning hours and has a significantly lower power consumption. When you combine this with green electricity (electricity generated by wind turbines and / or solar panels) you can speak of a real WIN-WIN situation for the environment!

Electric vehicles

The employees of Uipkes Wood Flooring only drive fully electric cars. Here too, just as with the LED lighting, there are two major advantages:
These cars do not emit any harmful substances and run entirely on green energy!

Energy transition and underfloor heating

For years Uipkes has been a specialist in installing wooden floors on underfloor heating. The objective of the (Dutch) Energy Agenda, based on the 2015 Paris climate agreement, is to reduce CO2 emissions by 80-95% by 2050. An energy transition will therefore take place in which, among other things, gas will be replaced by green electricity. 

In many new-build homes, radiators make way for a combination of underfloor heating and heat pumps and / or solar panels, because less energy is required to heat the house. Underfloor heating can also be used well in other types of homes with radiators, for example as additional heating.

Our sustainable wood flooring products can be combined with all kinds of underfloor heating. For example, oak wood has a low resistance, so the heat of the underfloor heating can reach the surface well without much heat loss. We can also apply all wood flooring installation patterns on underfloor heating. The combination of underfloor heating, heat pump or solar panels and oak is one of the most climate-friendly solutions for your home. A good choice for everyone who is consciously concerned with our environment and the global energy transition!


Uipkes Wood Flooring showroom Alphen, The Netherlands

The energy transition and the many options for living more sustainably can make it difficult to make the right choices. Do you want more information about our wooden floors and / or underfloor heating? Contact us by email or phone, order our informative and inspirational magazine or make an appointment via our online agenda in one of our showrooms in The Netherlands. We supply and/or install our floors globally and can ship our European oak floorboards to a port near you. As entrepeneurs with a heart for the environment, we are happy to answer all your questions!

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