• Wood floor colors

    Colors play an important role in our lives. They are associated with emotions and influence the way we experience our environment or an object. To create a pleasant living environment, it is important to achieve a certain harmony between style and color, so that you can feel completely at home.

    The appearance of a room in a home or office is largely determined by the furniture, walls and floor. For walls there are many options for colors and motifs in the form of wallpaper and (textured) paint. For floors, and in particular wooden floors, choices in colors and motifs are often more limited because a lot of standard products are used. Floorboards are often available in limited lengths and widths and only in a few colors.

    Below you can read how the coloring of wooden floors comes about and how you can combine colors, installation patterns, wood structures and plank sizes to arrive at a unique design that perfectly matches your personal living space.

    colorful interior combined with a subtle light oak floor