Our new showroom in 'Het Arsenaal' in Naarden-Vesting

On Tuesday, October 2, we will open our brand new showroom in Het Arsenaal in Naarden-Vesting. This is our third showroom, besides the showrooms in Amsterdam and Alphen aan den Rijn.

Showroom Uipkes Wood Flooring in Naarden-Vesting

The beautiful monumental building 'Het Arsenaal' is well known in Naarden and surroundings. Here, twenty-five years ago, Jan des Bouvrie set up his design studio and interior design store. Since then, several leading designers and interior shops have settled here, including Uipkes!

Het Arsenaal - Naarden-Vesting

At The Arsenaal, designers create and develop beautiful concepts in the field of living, lifestyle and design. In addition, you can have a great lunch and enjoy a good glass of wine at the restaurant in the courtyard. A nice place for an afternoon of inspiration.

Want to know more? You are most welcome in our new showroom!

Uipkes Wood Flooring Naarden Vesting
Kooltjesbuurt 1
1411 RZ Naarden-Vesting
Email: info@uipkes.nl

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    The new exhibition hall opens up completely new opportunities and prospects for future work.

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