The influence of color on how you experience wood flooring

Colors play an important role in our lives. They are associated with emotions and influence the way we experience our environment or an object. To create a pleasant living environment, it is important to achieve a certain harmony between style and color, so that you can feel completely at home.

The appearance of a room in a home or office is largely determined by the furniture, walls and floor. For walls there are many options for colors and motifs in the form of wallpaper and (textured) paint. For floors, and in particular wooden floors, choices in colors and motifs are often more limited because a lot of standard products are used. Floorboards are often available in limited lengths and widths and only in a few colors.

Below you can read how the coloring of wooden floors comes about and how you can combine colors, installation patterns, wood structures and plank sizes to arrive at a unique design that perfectly matches your personal living space.

colorful interior combined with a subtle light oak floor

What is color?

Color is something that we can see. We can distinguish colors when light is reflected or absorbed by the objects on which this light shines. Color is a property of light that consists of electromagnetic radiation.

People can see light with their eyes at a wavelength between 750 and 400 nanometers. This is the observable light spectrum for people. We experience light with a certain wavelength that is reflected as a certain color. In the absence of light, we cannot distinguish colors. At night for example.

Isaac Newton discovered that we humans experience daylight as the color white. If you place a prism, which is a solid glass triangle, in a light beam, the light spreads and you no longer see a white light beam, but more colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. This is called breaking or reflecting light. The colors that the prism shows are also the colors of a rainbow. That is because raindrops break the sunlight similar to a prism. Due to the round shape of drops, there is a round rainbow, of which we perceive only one "half".

90 new floor colors

Uipkes Wood Flooring has recently introduced new colors, consisting of earthy and naturally soft tones, which you can combine well with all kinds of interior. The choice consists of 90 unique colors that have been put together by Uipkes according to their own recipe. Uipkes also designs new colors for custom wood flooring projects on request. Below you can see the color palette. Visit this page for detailed photos of all colors on oak.


White Wood Flooring Colors

Light and white wood flooring colors

Grey Wood Flooring Colors

grey oak flooring colors

Light Brown Wood Flooring Colors

light brown oak flooring colors

Brown Wood Flooring Colors

brown oak flooring colors

Dark and Black Wood Floors

dark and black oak flooring colors

How can you finish wood floors and what are the color options?

Finish the wooden floor with varnish

You put lacquer on the wooden floorboards. You walk and mess on the paint layer that is well protected (as long as the paint is in good condition).

Because you literally walk on the paint, it will show signs of wear, walkways and / or stains.

You cannot paint a lacquer floor locally, so the entire floor will have to be sanded and varnished in case of excessive wear (spots). This sanding is quite a job: the spaces must be empty and must be provided with a minimum of 3 layers of paint, which must always dry in the meantime and therefore cannot be walked on. Daily maintenance is vacuuming and mopping.

Finish the wooden floor with wax

Waxed wooden floors have a very natural look, this is because the wax is in the wood. Saturating the wood with wax gives it its protection. This also means that you can maintain a wax floor locally in wear-sensitive areas as opposed to a lacquer floor, but a wax floor is sensitive to water! So these are not mop floors.

Finish the wooden floor with oil

Oil floors have a very natural appearance. Just as with wax, the oil is in the wood and it forms, as it were, a subcutaneous "lacquer" layer after complete curing. Uipkes applies these on location to create a guaranteed saturation. Oil colors can be added to the oil floors by adding natural color pigments to the oil. This is in contrast to lacquer and wax, where the color options are limited.

Every color of Uipkes receives 2 to 7 treatments to achieve the unique end result. An example of a treatment is the 'smoking' of a wooden floor. Smoking is done through ammonia. Ammonia trays are placed in the room where the floor is placed. The ammonia vapors react with the tannins found in the wood. Because of this chemical reaction, the tannic acid disappears from the planks, making the natural color darker and the drawing of the grain more clearly visible. Depending on the desired discoloration, the smoking process takes from 2 hours to 8 hours.

Uipkes uses the sustainable idea of ​​working as much as possible with renewable raw materials from nature. Raw materials that, like the natural oil and wood we use from sustainably managed European forests, grow in nature every year.

The oil we use is based on a decades-old recipe based on linseed, which is grown in the Haarlemmermeer by the oil producer himself. The linseed is harvested and milled by windmills in Zaandam that have been in use for centuries.

Oil floors are pre-eminently mop floors, which you can mop with a natural soap and therefore become more and more beautiful! Wooden floors mopped with soap give the floor an even and natural look (and therefore no walkways)! Another advantage is that a wooden floor that is finished on the basis of oil can also be maintained locally, which considerably extends the service life of the floor compared to, for example, a lacquer floor.

Natural discoloration of wooden floors

All the wooden floors of Uipkes are treated with natural oil according to a specific recipe. As long as no daylight is added or walked on, the color does not change.

But this is of course not the reality. In practice, the wooden floor is almost always exposed to daylight and is walked on daily.

Wood is a natural product and daylight causes the wood to discolor, whether it is floors or furniture. In addition, the extent to which discoloration takes place partly depends on the color used: naturally oiled or oiled using color pigments. The more color, the less influence daylight has on natural discolouration. The discoloration (warmer, grayer, more natural, etc.) occurs after the oil has been applied and will moatly take place during the first 6 months. Natural discoloration brings out the unique character of your wooden floor.

Combine colors with installation patterns, interior and light

No wooden floor is the same. Playing with interior design, laying patterns and incidence of light can give a wooden floor a different look, even if the floor parts are oiled in the same way and in the same color.

Below you can see a number of examples of oak floors in the same color, but always in a different setting, laying pattern and / or lighting. You can find more examples of wooden floors in different color finishes in our free magazine.

Example #1: Champagne

Champagne straight pattern oak floor with interior lighting

Color: Champagne
Installation Pattern: Straight Pattern
Light: Interior lighting
Location: Landing

Champagne oak herringbone floor by daylight

Color: Champagne
Installation Pattern: Herringbone floor
Light: Daylight
Location: Hallway

Example #2: Noble Grey

Noble Grey straight pattern oak floor by daylight

Color: Noble Grey
Installation Pattern: Straight Pattern
Light: Daylight
Location: Office

Noble Grey Versailles Floor by interior lighting

Color: Noble Grey
Installation Pattern: Versailles floor
Light: Daylight
Location: Living Room

Noble Grey Herringbone Floor by Daylight

Color: Noble Grey
Installation Pattern: Herringbone floor
Light: Daglicht
Location: Living Room

Example #3: Coral White

Coral White chevron floor with interior lighting

Color: Coral White
Installation Pattern: Chevron Floor
Light: Interior lighting
Locatie: Kitchen

Coral White chevron floor by daylight

Color: Coral White
Installation Pattern: Chevron Floor
Light: Daylight
Location: Living Room

Example #4: Old Grey

Oud grijs eiken planken vloer bij daglicht

Color: Old Grey
Installation Pattern: Straight Pattern
Light: Daylight
Location: Bedroom

Oud grijs visgraat vloer bij daglicht

Color: Old Grey
Installation Pattern: Herringbone Floor
Light: Daylight
Location: Living Room

Comparing floor colors

As you can see, you can experience colors in different ways depending on the environment, laying pattern and lighting. Here you can see more examples of wooden floors to get an idea of ​​which color best suits your decor and taste.

You can easily combine a light or white wooden floor with colorful furniture and they look great in spaces with sufficient daylight.

You can easily combine a (light) brown floor with all kinds of styles and wooden furniture.

Gray wooden floors fit nicely with a modern or industrial design.

You can easily combine dark wooden floors with a classic design and spaces with a strong contrast between light and dark. Think of white walls or benches. Laying motifs such as Hungarian point or herringbone make it easier to see the individual floor parts of dark floors.

It is always smart to first look at colors and wooden floor parts in a showroom and to take a sample of colored wood to see if this fits with your interior.

During a showroom appointment at Uipkes you can ask all your questions about colors and wooden floors and view and experience our color collection yourself. Afterwards you will always receive customized advice from us. We can send you or you can take a number of wood samples with you to figure out the best choice. Contact us for more information

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