• Wood floor colors

    Colors play an important role in our lives. They are associated with emotions and influence the way we experience our environment or an object. To create a pleasant living environment, it is important to achieve a certain harmony between style and color, so that you can feel completely at home.

    The appearance of a room in a home or office is largely determined by the furniture, walls and floor. For walls there are many options for colors and motifs in the form of wallpaper and (textured) paint. For floors, and in particular wooden floors, choices in colors and motifs are often more limited because a lot of standard products are used. Floorboards are often available in limited lengths and widths and only in a few colors.

    Below you can read how the coloring of wooden floors comes about and how you can combine colors, installation patterns, wood structures and plank sizes to arrive at a unique design that perfectly matches your personal living space.

    colorful interior combined with a subtle light oak floor

  • Uipkes Showroom Naarden-Vesting

    On Tuesday, October 2, we will open our brand new showroom in Het Arsenaal in Naarden-Vesting. This is our third showroom, besides the showrooms in Amsterdam and Alphen aan den Rijn.

    Showroom Uipkes Wood Flooring in Naarden-Vesting

  • Eigen Huis en Interieur

    The fact that this double lower house from 1902 had never been rebuilt was no problem for Jesse Donker and Roy Peek. On the contrary. "That did not ruin anything, we only had to modernize it to make it shine again."

  • Marble

    A fresh Noorderwind is blowing through our interior with Marble in the leading role. This new Scandinavian interiordesign trend shows the perfect mix of natural materials and colors.

    Less is more for the traditional design. Marble on the floor or as wall and ceiling decoration, natural or oiled, is atmospheric and enhances the natural atmosphere.

    Would you like to know more about Mable floors? Contact us for free advice.

  • Design Interior

    A Chevron pattern floor can be used in various types of houses and interior styles. From classic to modern, a Chevron pattern is stylish and combines beautifully with a designer interior. Uipkes Wood Flooring recently worked with stylist Jesse Donker on a new project where the floor was combined with stylish modern design interior like this Eames Lounge Chair.

    Charles Eames gave rise to the development of the Lounge Chair, a process that took years to complete. The goal was to create a spacious seat with optimal comfort with the best materials and the highest craftsmanship. With the design of this chair in 1956, Charles and Ray Eames ushered in a new era for the club chair.

    Not only is the Lounge Chair lighter, more elegant and more modern than the somewhat clumsy traditional models, it is also more comfortable. Thanks to these features the Lounge Chair was one of the most famous designs by Charles and Ray Eames and has now acquired the status of classic in the field of modern furniture design.

  • Wood Floor Patterns

    With interiors that are getting more creative and more colorful, the floor will be a key element to make the atmosphere personal and unique. Are you a fan of wood? This warm material is for many a favorite for flooring and there is more and more variety in colors, textures and installation patterns than ever.

    In addition to the authentic look of a real wood plank floor, the current trend is to install other kinds of wood flooring patterns! Our collection features fashionable variations such as the classic herringbone or block and braid motif (Versailles) processed in our wood floors.

  • Wood Floor In The Nursery

    The nursery floor determines to a large extent the atmosphere of the room. When decorating the nursery, the floor is an important part. When choosing a wooden floor for the nursery you take into account various factors. The look that you want to give the room, installation pattern of the floor, the color of the floor, noise, your budget, etc. We can help you make the right choices.