Hongaarse punt parket op vloerverwarming en koeling
Hongaarse punt parket in de badkamer
Moderne Hongaarse punt houten vloer
Hongaarse punt vloer koraal wit in een woonkamer van een woning in Bussum
Eikenhouten duoplank in de badkamer
Hongaarse punt vloer in een woning in Amsterdam
Hongaarse punt parketvloer op vloerverwarming
Beige hongaarse punt vloer op vloerverwarming in een woonkamer
Witte Hongaarse punt vloer in een woonkamer van een woning in Amsterdam
Hongaarse punt vloer in een hal met de trapbekleding in dezelfde kleurtint.


A chevron pattern floor is a timeless enrichment for your home

A chevron pattern floor can be used in various types of homes or commercial premises. Chevron pattern parquet flooring is applicable to underfloor heating and possibly floor cooling. Uipkes Wood Flooring has years of experience in supplying and installing chevron floors. It's available in many dozens of handmade colors.

The durable floors are manufactured in The Netherlands for our clients and can be supplied in every personal desired length and width. We provide all floors with 5 years warranty within The Netherlands. The big difference between chevron and herringbone patterns is that with a herringbone floor, the left and right parts are placed at an angle of 90 degrees, and the top side is at right angles to the long side of the floorboard next to it.

The chevron floor is recognizable by the "Sergeant stripe"


With a chevron pattern floor, the floorboards are at an angle of 60 degrees and close to the top, creating a so-called "sergeant stripe".

The effect is a floor that looks a bit more quiet or tight than a herringbone pattern. The chevron pattern wood floor is also available in many color finishes.


It's possible to combine a chevron wood floor with underfloor heating. We use a so-called engineered wood floor for 'Vincent', which is specially designed for underfloor heating. Vincent floors are made in the desired dimensions for each customer. You can choose chevron floorboards with a width of, for example, 8 to 22 cm wide and the length can range from 16 cm to 110 cm long. The floorboards can be delivered with or without knots.

The chevron pattern floor is easy to apply on underfloor heating. The Rc value of the floor reflects the heat resistance of a floor. So on each floor, an Rc value is known. The Rc value is the entire resistance of the overall floor construction. A floor with a high Rc value has more resistance than a floor with a low Rc value. A high Rc value thus has a longer warm-up time, and the heat stays longer in the floor. Our thin layered floor called 'Vincent' has a low resistance of Rc 0,088.

Chevron floor in an angle of 45 degrees, installed in the kitchen.
Brown chevron floor installed in a modern living room in Rotterdam
Light chevron floor installed in a dining room and kitchen

Chevron Wood Floor Cost

Are you planning to purchase a chevron wood floor and curious about the price? Look below for some examples for inspiration, where the square meter price including installation and VAT is stated. To receive a quote based on the samples, click on the photo and then on 'request quote'. A no-obligation quote for your home will be sent immediately by e-mail. To get an impression of more wooden floors, look at wooden floors photos.

The price of a chevron pattern floor depends on various factors such as size, type of subfloor, type of wood, size of the knots in the wood and the installation of the traditional pattern. Of course, the finish, with or without skirting boards, also plays a role. If you would like to receive more information, schedule a showroom appointment in one of our showrooms Alphen aan den Rijn, Amsterdam, Naarden-Vesting.

Chevron Floor in Apartment with Beautiful Details - Noble Black - €213.00 per m2

Chevron Wood Flooring with Underfloor Heating - Fog Grey - €213.00 per m2

Chevron Engineered Floor in Bedroom - Champagne - €228.00 per m2

Chevron Parquet in Newly Built Apartment - Fog Grey - €213.00 per m2

Chevron Patterb Wood Floor in The Hague - Coral White - €213.00 per m2

Chevron Oak Flooring in Bathroom - Champagne - €228.00 per m2

Chevron Parquet Floor in Sunken Living Room - Champagne - €228.00 per m2


The chevron floor can be glued directly on the sand cement floor or on an existing tile floor. When there is an old existing wooden construction floor, we first put a subfloor over the construction floor and then glue the chevron floor directly on top of it. Before we actually install the floor, Uipkes will first visit you for a pre-inspection, three to four weeks before we start the project. We will inspect the subfloor composition to check if it contains sufficient tensile strength. We review the moisture rate, discuss the work details, and measure all the rooms.

Chevron floor made of oak wood


The chevron floors are made from oak wood. Oak wood is durable, timeless, hard and has beautiful organic drawings. The chevron pattern floors are available in 90 colors at Uipkes Wood Flooring!

The chevron floors are oiled with a 100% sustainable oil made according to traditional recipes. This oil gives the floor protection against external influences. This oil can even be used in the bathroom. Because the wood type, color and dimensions are chosen individually by each of our customers, we can create a unique floor for every place and every taste.


Chevron floors are oiled with full-natural oil and are protected against common external influences such as water, coffee, wine and beer. The chevron floor can basically be cleaned every day, but that is not necessary. We supply the floor with its own soap.

Additionally, it is always wise to regularly clean your floor by using vacuum cleaner or a mop. In the free maintenance kit you will find means to keep your floor in top condition. Good floor maintenance prolongs service life and protects the finishes of your floor.

Outdoor Chevron Wood Flooring

Chevron Outdoor Wood Flooring

In addition to a chevron floor for indoors, it is also possible to install a chevron wooden floor outside. This makes it possible to make beautiful transitions by extending your chevron engineered wood floor indoors to your chevron hardwood floor outside in the garden, balcony or roof terrace. You should keep in mind that a chevron floor inside is made of oak parquet and a chevron solid wood floor for outside is made of Ipé, Teak or Padouk. This causes differences in color and wood drawings between the inner floor and the terrace floor. It is the chevron pattern itself that brings unity in the design between inside and outside.

Uipkes offers full service options for various (woodworking) activities. Think of covering an internal staircase in the same wood and color as the chevron floor or installing underfloor heating under your Hungarian point wooden floor. We can also take care of woodworking on doors or frames to bring unity in design throughout your home or to restore ornaments of monumental buildings. In short, all activities under one roof with a single point of contact, so that you don't have to worry about the custom work in your home that you want to outsource. Finally, we also offer service to properly maintain your chevron floors, such as a maintenance set and the re-sanding and finishing of your chevron outdoor parquet, stairs and/or wooden floor indoors. Contact us or make an appointment to make your ideas and wishes known.

Hungarian point floor with underfloor heating


If, after this comprehensive explanation, you have questions about the different colors or the application to underfloor heating, please talk to one of our consultants about your floor. Use our years of knowledge and experience to create the wooden floor of your dreams. Make an appointment for a consultation at Uipkes Wood Flooring and visit us in the showroom in Alphen aan den RijnNaarden-Vesting or Amsterdam!


How much sawing waste does a chevron wood floor have?

When installing a Chevron wood floor, a part of the floor parts is lost, this is also called cutting or sawing waste. With a chevron floor, every floorboard has to be sawn to form the angles of 45 or 60 degrees. In addition, the saw waste also depends on whether the floor is installed with or without a border. A chevron wood floor without a border has about 15% saw waste; a chevron floor with border has about 10% sawing waste on the pattern and 5% on the border.

Chevron floor in 45 or 60 degrees?

You can install a chevron wood floor at an angle of 45 or 60 degrees and both variants create a continuous V-shape. At an angle of 60 degrees, the 'sergeant stripe' version, the wave effect of the Hungarian point pattern is wider, more quiet and less sharp, giving the floor a more modern look. The 45 degree version looks more like herringbone and looks a bit more busy. This is in line with the classic image of a chevron oak floor.

Which angle you choose depends on the effect you want to create and the size of the room. In addition, you can accentuate the wave movement more or less with large or small plank sizes. By bringing chevron pattern wood samples to your home, you can get a good impression of which shape and color best suits your room.

How much does chevron wood flooring cost?

The price of a chevron wood floor is made up of the costs for material, costs for labor and costs for finishing. If you opt for high-end oak floors that will last more than 20 years, the total costs in 2022 will be between 210 and 240 EUR per m2. This includes inspections, subfloor, glue, installation and VAT. It is recommended to have a chevron wood floor installed by a good parquet installer to get the best possible result. Installing it yourself is a difficult task. Therefore it is recommended you choose a company with its own installation service for the best results.

What is more beautiful: a herringbone or chevron wood floor?

This is a matter of personal taste and the interior design. A herringbone floor looks more busy and demands more attention in a room, especially when you also use a bevel to make the lines of individual floorboards more visible. This pattern can be combined well with modern, minimalistic interiors. The chevron floor is calmer, demands less attention in an interior due to the symmetry of the pattern and is often used in a more classical design of a room. View examples to get an impression of the impact an installation pattern has on a room.

You can make a floor look more busy or quiet by playing with the plank sizes. Large floorboards look more modern, more quiet and sturdy, while smaller floorboards match the image of classic herringbone parquet or chevron parquet from the last century.

Finally, you can create contrast in a room with the choice of color of a herringbone or chevron floor. White furniture with a black floor or vice versa creates a lot of contrast, with the floor requiring more attention compared to a room where furniture and floor have similar colors.

Which is more expensive: herringbone or chevron wood floor?

In general, chevron wood floors are more expensive than herringbone wood floors. The big difference in costs is in the amount of labor time (and sawing waste) to make chevron floorboards.

With the chevron floor, the floor parts are installed at an angle of 45 or 60 degrees and connect at the top. In order to realize this, every floor part must be sawn in these corners in order to be able to connect neatly at the top. Herringbone floorboards do not need to be sawn. The planks are placed at an angle of 90 degrees to each other, which means that no sawing is necessary, except near walls or border.

The costs also depend the type of wood, plank thickness and width and the (color) finish of the floor. The choices herein determine whether a floor becomes more expensive or not.

Which floor material should I use for a chevron floor?

An elegant installation pattern like the chevron pattern, deserves the best material for the best result. Wood is usually the material used for a classic chevron floor. A chevron wood floor is durable and environmentally friendly, feels warm and natural and can be combined well with underfloor heating. Wooden floors last more than 20 years and can be sanded and colored again if desired, so that the floor looks like new again. Maintenance is also simple: vacuuming and mopping, just like any other type of floor.

The chevron floor is also available in other materials. Think of chevron floors made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride: plastic, made from oil) and laminate (compressed layers of plastic and printed paper). Floors made of these materials often contain a wood-look print to mimic the effect of a wooden floor. The main advantage of these floors is that they are cheaper in the short term. Disadvantages of this type of flooring are the shorter lifespan, standard wood-look prints that repeat in the floor, these materials do not feel and smell like wood at all, increasing concerns about health problems (including plasticizers) and the extent to which these materials are harmful to the environment.