Brown Chevron pattern floor in the living room, applied to underfloor heating and cooling

Chevron Floor

 "A chevron floor is a timeless enrichment for your living environment."

Uipkes Wood Floors has many years of experience in supplying and installing chevron pattern floors. This wooden floor is available in many dozens of unique handmade colors and is suitable for virtually any room in the home or business. The sustainable wooden floors are custom made in the Netherlands in any desired length and width. Of course with a five-year warranty! The chevron parquet floor is also very suitable for underfloor heating or floor cooling.

Are you interested in a chevron wooden floor? Order our magazine to see more examples and possibilities, or visit the showroom to experience this pattern personally on the basis of example floors. You will always receive tailor-made advice without any obligation, which we will send by e-mail after the consultation.

Chevron paquet floor in the bathroom

What is a chevron floor?

The origin of the chevron motif is unclear. The pattern occurs on pottery around 1800 BC in Greece and in textiles. In the medieval heraldry of Normandy, this pattern appears on knights' shields and later on arms of uniforms to indicate rank. The English term "chevron" refers to the Folk Latin word "caprio" meaning "rafters". A rafter is two roof beams that together form a point and support the roof construction.

The chevron floor as parquet floor was applied about 2 centuries later than the herringbone floor, around the 16th century. The Queen's Guard Room in the Palace of Versailles is fitted with chevron parquet and since then the popularity of this pattern has only increased.

Chevron Wood Floor Cost

Are you planning to purchase a chevron wood floor and curious about the price? Look below for some examples for inspiration, where the square meter price including installation and VAT is stated. To receive a quote based on the samples, click on the photo and then on 'request quote'. A no-obligation quote for your home will be sent immediately by e-mail. To get an impression of more wooden floors, look at wooden floors photos.

The price of a chevron pattern floor depends on various factors such as size, type of subfloor, type of wood, size of the knots in the wood and the installation of the traditional pattern. Of course, the finish, with or without skirting boards, also plays a role. If you would like to receive more information, schedule a showroom appointment in one of our showrooms Alphen aan den Rijn, Amsterdam, Naarden-Vesting.

Chevron Floor in Apartment with Beautiful Details - Noble Black - €199.00 per m2

Chevron Wood Flooring with Underfloor Heating - Fog Grey - €199.00 per m2

Chevron Parquet in Newly Built Apartment - Fog Grey - €199.00 per m2

Chevron Patterb Wood Floor in The Hague - Coral White - €199.00 per m2

Chevron Oak Flooring in Bathroom - Champagne - €199.00 per m2

Chevron Parquet Floor in Sunken Living Room - Champagne - €199.00 per m2

Difference between chevron and herringbone floor

The chevron floor is a brother of the herringbone floor, but there is a difference: the installation pattern. In the herringbone floor, the left and right parts are placed against each other at an angle of 90 degrees. At the top, the head side is perpendicular to the long side of the adjacent plank. Especially with wide herringbone floorboards, the space gets a unique atmosphere: classic with a modern twist. A herringbone floor often looks busier or more erratic than a chevron floor due to the beautiful zigzag pattern.

Light Chevron floor installed in the living room of a house in Bussum

Sergeant Stripe

The chevron floor looks calmer and tighter due to the installation pattern. With the chevron floor, the floor parts are installed at an angle of 45 or 60 degrees and connect at the top, creating the so-called 'sergeant stripe'. The effect is a floor that looks sleeker than a herringbone installation pattern and therefore radiates more tranquility and symmetry. The chevron gives a room the illusion that it is larger or more spacious than it actually is.

Both patterns are beautiful and give your home the appearance of a castle. It just depends on what you prefer and what fits well with the space in question. If you are looking for a middle way between the busy herringbone floor and the calm appearance of a chevron floor, you can opt for an elbow pattern floor. This is a herringbone floor in which the floor parts are turned a quarter turn and run parallel to the lines of the room.

To be able to make a good consideration which installation pattern is most suitable for your space. we advise you to visit one of the showrooms to personally view the different laying patterns.

Alternative Chevron Patterns

In addition to the well-known chevron pattern, the "sergeant stripe", variations of the pattern can be made with the same floorboards. A twist to the chevron pattern gives a unique experience to the floor.

The Chevron pattern Continuus is a variation of the Chevron pattern

Chevron pattern Continuus

The Chevron pattern Continuus is made by laying the same plank next to the Chevron pattern. The Chevron pattern consists of left and right boards. By placing an equal part on the pattern, the line of the pattern continues.

The Chevron pattern Klezoren bond is a variation on the Chevron floor

Chevron Pattern Stretcher Bond

A masonry technique that is derived from the stretcher bond. With the Chevron pattern Stretcher Bond, the lines are staggered at 1/4 or 3/4 of the plank.

At the Chevron pattern Alternatim, the rows are mirrored consecutively

Chevron pattern Alternatim

The Chevron pattern Alternatim is created by laying the planks horizontally on top of each other. In this case, the row mirrors one above the other with respect to the adjacent row. A special variation on the Chevron pattern.

Chevron pattern Alternatim double is a beautiful variation of the Chevron pattern

Chevron pattern Alternatim double

The Chevron pattern Alternatim double is made by laying the Chevron pattern floorboards horizontally in pairs above and next to each other. This creates two equal rows alternating with two opposite rows.

Chevron parquet

chevron wooden floors come in various types:

  • Tapis parquet: this is the classic installation method. where the floor parts consist of loose planks that have no tongue or grooves and are glued and nailed to the subfloor.
  • Solid hardwood floor: this floor consists of sawn floorboards from one piece of natural wood. The floorboards therefore have no underlays, but consist entirely of hardwood. Oak solid floorboards are mainly used.
  • Engineered wood floor: this is a layered parquet floor with a top layer of hardwood (often oak) and underlayers of cross-glued birch plywood.

Uipkes mainly sells chevron oak engineered wood floors, because these can be combined well with underfloor heating and are less expensive than tapis parquet or solid floors. Oak is one of the most durable types of wood with excellent properties for use as a floor.

Brown chevron floor installed in a modern living room in Rotterdam

Wood sorting

If you want a rustic look, choose the rustic French oak chevron floor with knots. If you want a floor that looks sleeker, choose a French oak floor without knots.

Do you want a modern chevron floor? Then we install wooden floorboards without a v-seam. The v-groove or v-seam is a chamfered edge, which emphasizes the lines of floorboards. By using the v-seam you get a classic chevron floor that looks more busy than the modern chevron floor without a v-seam.

The planks have a width of 8 to 22 cm and the length can vary from 16 to 110 cm.

Chevron floor and underfloor heating

The wooden chevron floor is easy to apply to underfloor heating. For this we use a so-called layered wooden floor with the name 'Vincent'. This is specially made for use in combination with underfloor heating. Vincent can be supplied in any desired size.

The Rc value of the floor indicates the heat resistance of a floor. It is the entire resistance of the total floor construction. A floor with a high Rc value therefore has more resistance than a floor with a low Rc value. 'Vincent' has a low Rc value of 0.088 and because of this, the floor heats up quickly.

Chevron floor with band and feature strips

Do you want a more traditional wooden floor? Then choose a chevron floor with band and feature strips.

A band is a wooden frame that is placed between the wall and patterned floor and encapsulates the chevron floor. A band has been used for centuries and is available in different widths.

The feature strip is formed by placing decorative wooden strips between the band and the patterned floor to accentuate the floor. This can be done subtly by using wooden strips in the same color as the floor, but can also be made in a contrasting color to emphasize the strips.

The modern variant of the chevron floor consists of wide floorboards without a v-groove that are sawn tightly against the wall, without skirting boards.

Chevron floor installed in the living room in Oak color Champagne

The colorful chevron floor

For chevron floors, we mainly use oak from well-managed European production forests. This type of wood is durable, timeless, hard and has beautiful organic drawings. The wooden floor is oiled with a 100% sustainable color oil, made according to traditional recipes. This oil gives the floor protection against external influences and the floor can be finished in no less than 90 different shades.

The color oil provides protection against moisture and can therefore even be placed in the bathroom up to the shower area. Wood grades, dimensions and colors are individually and tailor-made for each customer. In this way we can manufacture a suitable, durable chevron floor for every taste and for every space.

The wooden chevron floors can be glued directly to the subfloors

Subfloor? The wooden floor can be placed directly on it

Is there already a tile floor in the house? No problem, the chevron floor can be glued directly onto an existing tile floor. A sand-cement screed is also no problem. Is there an old existing wooden construction floor present? Then we first apply a subfloor. Then the chevron floor is glued on the subfloor.

Three to four weeks before the floor is installed, Uipkes first carries out an extensive pre-inspection. We hereby check the composition of the subfloor. For example, we check whether it contains sufficient tensile strength and what the moisture percentage is. We also discuss the execution of the work and measure all areas carefully. This way you will never be faced with unexpected surprises!

Light chevron floor installed in a dining room and kitchen

Should I have my chevron floor installed by a professional?

The chevron pattern, together with the Versailles pattern and end grain pattern, is one of the most challenging and labour-intensive patterns to install. The individual floorboards of a chevron floor must all be cut to form 'the point' at a 45 or 60 degree angle.

It is also a challenge to determine the installation direction and starting point of the chevron floor in rooms with a special shape or when extending the floor to other rooms. After the position and direction has been determined, you will need to install this floor pattern with utmost precision.

That is why we always advise to have the chevron wooden floor installed. Our parquet fitters have years of experience with our wood products and the incorporation of patterns into spaces. When you buy oak floorboards of the best quality, you also want the sleekest result, right? Precision work is where our floor installers excel, so you can enjoy a wooden floor without any worries.

Chevron floor in an angle of 45 degrees, installed in the kitchen.


The chevron floor can be mopped every day if desired, although this is not necessary. Of course it is always a good practice to regularly dust, vacuum and/or mop the floor. After all, good maintenance extends the life of the wooden floor and protects the finish.

The oil treated with the chevron floor is completely natural and ensures that the floor is protected against unwanted influences. Think of water, coffee, beer and even… wine.

Upon delivery of the wooden floor, we always supply a maintenance set with a hygrometer, good floor soap and means to keep the floor in top condition.

Outdoor Chevron Wood Flooring

Chevron Outdoor Wood Flooring

In addition to a chevron floor for indoors, it is also possible to install a chevron wooden floor outside. This makes it possible to make beautiful transitions by extending your chevron engineered wood floor indoors to your chevron hardwood floor outside in the garden, balcony or roof terrace. You should keep in mind that a chevron floor inside is made of oak engineered wood and a chevron solid wood floor for outside is made of Ipé, Teak or Padouk. This causes differences in color and wood drawings between the inner floor and the terrace floor. It is the chevron pattern itself that brings unity in the design between inside and outside.

Uipkes offers full service options for various (woodworking) activities. Think of covering an internal staircase in the same wood and color as the chevron floor or installing underfloor heating under your chevron wooden floor. We can also take care of woodworking on doors or frames to bring unity in design throughout your home or to restore ornaments of monumental buildings. In short, all activities under one roof with a single point of contact, so that you don't have to worry about the custom work in your home that you want to outsource. Finally, we also offer service to properly maintain your chevron floors, such as a maintenance set and the re-sanding and finishing of your chevron outdoor parquet, stairs and/or wooden floor indoors.

Contact us or make an appointment to make your ideas and wishes known.

Want to know more?

Chevron floors come in all sizes, colors and types of wood. They are suitable for any room. Read more information about buying a wood floor. Do you have any questions about the colors or application on underfloor heating or do you want to talk further with our advisors for another reason?

Then make sure to use our many years of passion, knowledge and experience. We are happy to talk to you. Feel free to contact us by phone or videocall, or visit our inspiring showrooms in Alphen aan den Rijn, Naarden-Vesting or Amsterdam!



How much sawing waste does a chevron wood floor have?

When installing a Chevron wood floor, a part of the floor parts is lost, this is also called cutting or sawing waste. With a chevron floor, every floorboard has to be sawn to form the angles of 45 or 60 degrees. In addition, the saw waste also depends on whether the floor is installed with or without a border. A chevron wood floor without a border has about 15% saw waste; a chevron floor with border has about 10% sawing waste on the pattern and 5% on the border.

Chevron floor in 45 or 60 degrees?

You can install a chevron wood floor at an angle of 45 or 60 degrees and both variants create a continuous V-shape. At an angle of 60 degrees, the 'sergeant stripe' version, the wave effect of the Hungarian point pattern is wider, more quiet and less sharp, giving the floor a more modern look. The 45 degree version looks more like herringbone and looks a bit more busy. This is in line with the classic image of a chevron oak floor.

Which angle you choose depends on the effect you want to create and the size of the room. In addition, you can accentuate the wave movement more or less with large or small plank sizes. By bringing chevron pattern wood samples to your home, you can get a good impression of which shape and color best suits your room.

How much does chevron wood flooring cost?

The price of a chevron wood floor is made up of the costs for material, costs for labor and costs for finishing. If you opt for high-end oak floors that will last more than 20 years, the total costs in 2022 will be between 210 and 240 EUR per m2. This includes inspections, subfloor, glue, installation and VAT. It is recommended to have a chevron wood floor installed by a good parquet installer to get the best possible result. Installing it yourself is a difficult task. Therefore it is recommended you choose a company with its own installation service for the best results.

What is more beautiful: a herringbone or chevron wood floor?

This is a matter of personal taste and the interior design. A herringbone floor looks more busy and demands more attention in a room, especially when you also use a bevel to make the lines of individual floorboards more visible. This pattern can be combined well with modern, minimalistic interiors. The chevron floor is calmer, demands less attention in an interior due to the symmetry of the pattern and is often used in a more classical design of a room. View examples to get an impression of the impact an installation pattern has on a room.

You can make a floor look more busy or quiet by playing with the plank sizes. Large floorboards look more modern, more quiet and sturdy, while smaller floorboards match the image of classic herringbone parquet or chevron parquet from the last century.

Finally, you can create contrast in a room with the choice of color of a herringbone or chevron floor. White furniture with a black floor or vice versa creates a lot of contrast, with the floor requiring more attention compared to a room where furniture and floor have similar colors.

Which is more expensive: herringbone or chevron wood floor?

In general, chevron wood floors are more expensive than herringbone wood floors. The big difference in costs is in the amount of labor time (and sawing waste) to make chevron floorboards.

With the chevron floor, the floor parts are installed at an angle of 45 or 60 degrees and connect at the top. In order to realize this, every floor part must be sawn in these corners in order to be able to connect neatly at the top. Herringbone floorboards do not need to be sawn. The planks are placed at an angle of 90 degrees to each other, which means that no sawing is necessary, except near walls or border.

The costs also depend the type of wood, plank thickness and width and the (color) finish of the floor. The choices herein determine whether a floor becomes more expensive or not.

Which floor material should I use for a chevron floor?

An elegant installation pattern like the chevron floor deserves the best material for the best result. Wood is usually the material used for a classic chevron floor. A chevron floor wooden floor is durable and environmentally friendly, feels warm and natural and can be combined well with underfloor heating. Wooden floors last more than 20 years and can be sanded and stained again if desired, so that the floor looks like new again. Maintenance is also simple: vacuum and mop, just like any other type of floor.

The chevron floor is also available in other materials:

Laminate chevron floor
The laminate chevron floor is made of layers of plastic and printed paper that often consists of a wood grain print. Other materials can also be imitated on the paper layer, such as natural stone or cork. Advantages of laminate chevron floors are the low cost of the material and that the installation of the floor is less labour-intensive compared to a wooden chevron floor. The disadvantages are that wood grain print laminate does not feel, smell or sound like wood. In addition, repetitions of the same wood drawing occur on the planks (see image), while each wooden plank has a unique wood drawing. Finally, laminate is a lot less environmentally friendly because of the plastic layer and these floors last less long than a wooden floor.

PVC chevron floor
PVC or PolyVinylChloride is produced from the raw materials ethylene and chlorine, whereby ethylene is extracted from natural gas or oil and chloride from rock salt. PVC is manufactured by polymerization of vinyl chloride.  PVC chevron floorboards are available as click PVC floors and glue PVC floors and are generally easier to install than traditional chevron floor parquet, provided the subfloor is completely level. The main disadvantage of PVC is that it is an environmentally unfriendly option at every stage of its life cycle (production, application, destruction). PVC is plastic and cheap PVC floors often contain harmful substances such as vinyl chloride, DEHP (diethylhexyl phthalate) and dioxins. When heated, such as in combination with underfloor heating, these harmful substances can be released and cause health problems. Although PVC floors with the German DIBt quality mark do not contain harmful plasticizers, there are as yet no standards for maximum permissible emissions from PVC floors in all areas in Europe. The total m2 price of a high quality chevron floor made of PVC is close to the total m2 price of a wooden floor.

The chevron floor wooden floor is by far the most environmentally friendly and most sustainable material. Wood also stands head and shoulders above the other materials in terms of experience. The most beautiful wood grain print is and remains: natural wood.

Laminate and PVC wood grain print repeating itself in floor parts