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Chevron pattern

With the Chevron parquet pattern the floor parts are installed at an angle of 60 degrees connecting the upper sides, resulting in a so-called "Sergeant Stripe".


A chevron pattern floor is a timeless enrichment for your home

A chevron pattern floor can be used in various types of homes or commercial premises. Chevron pattern parquet flooring is applicable to underfloor heating and possibly floor cooling. Uipkes Wood Flooring has years of experience in supplying and installing chevron floors. It's available in many dozens of handmade colors.

The durable floors are manufactured in The Netherlands for our clients and can be supplied in every personal desired length and width. We provide all floors with 5 years warranty within The Netherlands. The big difference between chevron and herringbone patterns is that with a herringbone floor, the left and right parts are placed at an angle of 90 degrees, and the top side is at right angles to the long side of the floorboard next to it.

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With a chevron pattern floor, the floorboards are at an angle of 60 degrees and close to the top, creating a so-called "sergeant stripe".

The effect is a floor that looks a bit more quiet or tight than a herringbone pattern. The chevron pattern wood floor is also available in many color finishes.


It's possible to combine a chevron wood floor with underfloor heating. We use a so-called engineered wood floor for 'Vincent', which is specially designed for underfloor heating. Vincent floors are made in the desired dimensions for each customer. You can choose chevron floorboards with a width of, for example, 8 to 22 cm wide and the length can range from 16 cm to 110 cm long. The floorboards can be delivered with or without knots.

The chevron pattern floor is easy to apply on underfloor heating. The Rc value of the floor reflects the heat resistance of a floor. So on each floor, an Rc value is known. The Rc value is the entire resistance of the overall floor construction. A floor with a high Rc value has more resistance than a floor with a low Rc value. A high Rc value thus has a longer warm-up time, and the heat stays longer in the floor. Our thin layered floor called 'Vincent' has a low resistance of Rc 0,088.

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hungarian point floor
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The price of a chevron floor depends on the size, the type of underfloor, the degree of knots in the wood and installation costs. In addition, the price of the chevron floor also depends on the wood type and the finish of the floor with or without skirting boards. Request a quote via the button below.


The chevron floor can be glued directly on the sand cement floor or on an existing tile floor. When there is an old existing wooden construction floor, we first put a subfloor over the construction floor and then glue the chevron floor directly on top of it. Before we actually install the floor, Uipkes will first visit you for a pre-inspection, three to four weeks before we start the project. We will inspect the subfloor composition to check if it contains sufficient tensile strength. We review the moisture rate, discuss the work details, and measure all the rooms.

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The chevron floors are made from oak wood. Oak wood is durable, timeless, hard and has beautiful organic drawings. The chevron pattern floors are available in 90 colors at Uipkes Wood Flooring!

The chevron floors are oiled with a 100% sustainable oil made according to traditional recipes. This oil gives the floor protection against external influences. This oil can even be used in the bathroom. Because the wood type, color and dimensions are chosen individually by each of our customers, we can create a unique floor for every place and every taste.


Chevron floors are oiled with full-natural oil and are protected against common external influences such as water, coffee, wine and beer. The chevron floor can basically be cleaned every day, but that is not necessary. We supply the floor with its own soap.

Additionally, it is always wise to regularly clean your floor by using vacuum cleaner or a mop. In the free maintenance kit you will find means to keep your floor in top condition. Good floor maintenance prolongs service life and protects the finishes of your floor.

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If, after this comprehensive explanation, you have questions about the different colors or the application to underfloor heating, please talk to one of our consultants about your floor. Use our years of knowledge and experience to create the wooden floor of your dreams. Make an appointment for a consultation at Uipkes Wood Flooring and visit us in the showroom in Alphen aan den RijnNaarden-Vesting or Amsterdam!