Chevron Alternatim Floors

The Chevron Alternatim owes its name to the alternation between the different rows below each other. By installing the chevron planks straight on top of each other, instead of at an angle of 45 or 60 degrees, a new pattern is created. The pattern provides dynamics to the sides of the room.

This Chevron Alternatim floor can be installed on underfloor heating

Underfloor heating and chevron wood flooring

Chevron floors, including the Chevron Alternatim, can be combined with underfloor heating. Almost any system, such as dry construction or wet construction, is suitable for installing the floor. This allows you to enjoy a heated wooden floor in the room!

The Chevron Alternatim can be installed in two grades, a grade with character or with a sleek, calm appearance.

Wood sorting

The wooden floors bring character to rooms. You can opt for floors with more character or a sleeker look. For Chevron Alternatim you can choose between Rustic French Oak or French Oak. Both sortings provide a different experience.

The dimensions of the Chevron Alternatim floorparts vary from 120 by 600 millimeters to 180 by 900 millimeters

Dimensions of the floorboards

The sizes of the Chevron Alternatim pattern vary from small to large. With a small size you will experience more of the pattern, where wider parts radiate tranquility.


Chevront Alternatim parquet can be installed in 90 colors oak wood


The Chevron Alternatim floor is available in 90 handmade colours. The floors are treated with linseed oil, which ensures that the floors are moisture resistant.

The costs for the delivery and installation of the Chevron Alternatim wood floor depend on the width and the grading


The Chevron Alternatim is a work of art on the floor. The investment of this is higher than with a straight pattern wooden floor. Depending on the grading and dimensions, the floor can be installed from € 216 per square metre including planks, materials and VAT.

The Chevron Alternatim floor consists of engineered wood planks

Engineered Wood Flooring

Previously, wooden floors consisted of solid floor parts. Nowadays, the floor parts often consist of engineered wood. The top layer is oak and the bottom layer is birch plywood. These parquet planks from Uipkes can connect seamlessly to your wall, without using a plinth.

The maintenance of the Chevron Alternatim oak floors consists of re-oiling after 3-5 years. It depends on the use of the floor

Maintenance of Chevron Alternatim Floors

The oiled floors should be treated again with oil after approximately 3-5 years. The floor does not need to be sanded, so the floors can last a lifetime. By cleaning the floor regularly, you maintain the floor and can extend its life.