Chevron Alternatim Double Pattern

The Hungarian point Alternatim double owes its name to the alternation between the floorboards. With the chevron floor, the planks are at an angle of 45 or 60 degrees. Each point consists of a left and a right part. With the Chevron Alternatim Double, these parts are placed horizontally against each other. Adjacent to both sides are two more equal floor parts. This creates alternating rows, which creates a zigzag effect.

The Chevron Alternatim Double floor can be installed on subfloors with underfloor heating

Chevron floors & Underfloor Heating

For more than 20 years, wooden floors can be combined with underfloor heating. The chevron wood floor can be used in all sizes and colors on underfloor heating and cooling.

The wood sorting of the Chevron Alternatim Double floors can be chosen from rustic to calm

Wood sorting

The Chevron Alternatim Double is available in a grade with character and a grade with a calm structure, which gives the floor a sleeker appearance. Both wood grades are in French oak wood.

The planks of the Chevron Alternatim Double are available in both large and small sizes

Dimensions of the floor parts

Due to the different sizes, a floor can be made to match any interior style. The planks vary in size from 120 by 600 mm to 180 by 900 mm.

Chevron floors and variations are available in 90 unique oak colours

Chevron Alternatim Double Colors

Oak wood is recognizable by the beautiful flame pattern. By giving different treatments to the wood, the Chevron Alternatim Double can be installed in 90 different colors.

The Chevron Alternatim Double wood floor is an investment for every home

Cost of Chevron Alternatim Double Floors

Installing the Chevron Alternatim Double wood floor can be seen as an investment rather than a cost. The floor retains its value, even after 50 years, because it can be refurbished at any time.

Engineered wood chevron alternatim double floor with an oak top layer

Engineered Wood

The boards of the Chevron Alternatim Double are 16 mm thick. The floor consists of engineered wood floorboards with an oak top layer.

Oiled chevron alternatim double floors are floors for life and do not need to be sanded


The wooden floors of Uipkes are floors for life, as is the Chevron Alternatim Double pattern floor. The oil treatment means that the floors no longer need to be sanded. Maintaining the floor with the maintenance products keeps the floor in good condition.

Curious about the possibilities?

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