Chevron Continuus

By aligning two equal parts of a regular chevron floor, the Chevron Continuus pattern is created. This extends the "point" and creates a wider interplay of lines. This larger wave motion is especially beautiful in large spaces.

The Chevron Continuus pattern is applicable to underfloor heating, as main and additional heating

Chevron Floors & Underfloor Heating

Wooden floors have been used on underfloor heating for over 20 years. A chevron wood floor can be placed on almost any underfloor heating system.

This grading of the Chevron Continuus floor has minimal knots

Wood Sorting

The Chevron Continuus from oakwood is available in two grades. A rustic French oak grade with character/knots in the floor and a French oak grade with minimal knots. The fewer the knots, the more quiet the floor image will become.

This Chevron Continuus wood floor has planks of 140/700 mm

Continuus Pattern Plank Sizes

The width of the planks affects the style you want to create. For example, narrower planks provide a more classic look and wider planks provide a modern look. The wide floorboards and the large wave movement give the space a luxurious look. Continuus pattern floorboards are available in sizes from 120/600mm to 180/900mm.

Chevron Continuus in light wooden floor color Milk White


The Chevron Continuus is available in 90 different colors. The options vary from whitewash to black oak floors.

Installing the Chevron Continuus pattern wood floor increases the value of your house


The Chevron Continuus floors and variations arequire intens labor and craftsmanship. The investment is therefore higher, for example a straight pattern plank wood floor or herringbone floor. The investment is from € 215 per m2.

The parquet planks have an oak top layer and plywood underlayer

Engineered Wood Flooring

The planks of the Chevron Continuus consist of an oak top layer of 4 mm, glued to a birch plywood underlayer. Known as an engineered wood floor. These parquet floors have the appearance of a solid wooden floor with the techniques of today. This allows the floor to be combined with underfloor heating.

This wooden Chevron Continuus floor is treated with sustainable linseed oil


Because the floors are treated with oil, maintenance consists of vacuuming and mopping. Depending on the use, it is advisable to treat the floor with oil again after 3-5 years. After this, the color is fresh again and the floor protects against dirt and moisture.