Chevron pattern stretcher bond

A variation on the well-known chevron pattern, is the chevron stretcher bond pattern. The planks are installed straight instead of at an angle. By staggering the rows, a variation on the well-known stretcher bond is created. The stretcher bond pattern resembles a plank floor, but the skewed interplay of lines creates a unique artistic pattern that is slightly different from a plank floor.

chevron floor installed in stretcher bond pattern is applicable to underfloor heating and floor cooling

Underfloor Heating

Uipkes has been using wooden floors in combination with underfloor heating for over 20 years. In both new constructions and renovation projects, the floor is installed on various underfloor heating systems. The floor can also be used on systems that can cool the floor.

chevron pattern stretcher bond in Rustic French Oak grading

Chevron Stretcher Bond Pattern Wood Sorting

The chevron stretcher bond pattern can be installed in a floor with character or with a calm appearance. Both wooden floors provide atmosphere in the room. Due to the options in grading, the floor fits in both a sleek/modern and rural interior.

The planks of this chevron stretcher bond floor are 140 by 700 mm in size

Plank Sizes

The planks are available in various widths, from 120 mm wide to 180 mm wide. The lengths vary from 600 - 900 mm long. The ratio between width and length is 1 to 5. In comparison: with a plank floor, floorboards are available in widths from 100mm to 280mm.

chevron pattern stretcher bond in white Oak color Milk White


The chevron stretcher bond floorboards can be made in 90 unique colors. The various colors match almost any interior style. View the possibilities here.

The chevron stretcher bond wood floor is an investment for life

Stretcher bond pattern costs

The chevron pattern floor adds something to the space in which it is placed. It's a work of art on the floor. Because the floor can still be renovated after years, it is an investment for life. The cost per square meter is from € 215.

The planks of the chevron stretcher bond pattern consist of a bottom layer and an oak top layer

Oak Engineered Wood Flooring

Where previously the solid floorboards were popular, wooden floors now consists mostly of engineered wood floorboards. The top layer of oak has the authentic look of a solid floor. The underlayer of birch plywood makes the floor suitable for underfloor heating and even in wet areas.

Floor maintenance consists of regular vacuuming and mopping


The main maintenance of this cartridge is cleaning the floor. The floor is saturated with oil, which protects it against liquids, among other things. After a number of years, this oil layer must be applied again to keep the floor protected.

More information about this floor?

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