Oak plank flooring in an office
Wood flooring in an office in Amsterdam
Handmade straight pattern plank floor
Engineered herringbone wood floor Berlagehuis The Hague
Oak herringbone office floor Amsterdam
Wooden floor at WTC Schiphol Airport
Charming wood floor in an office in Arnhem
Broad oak wood floor in Naarden The Netherlands
Office wood flooring
Layered wooden floor
Wood flooring for a restaurant
Nutwood flooring in an office
Teak wood floor in a shoe store

Wood flooring projects

Uipkes Wood Flooring has extensive experience in managing and executing large commercial wood flooring projects such as offices, shops and restaurants in various cities throughout the Netherlands and abroad. We can install the wooden floors for you at the destination location or we can ship the beautifully finished floor parts to any harbor around the world with instructions on how to install the floor.

Large or complex wood flooring projects

We advise you in the choice of the wood species used for the floor, in which we take into account the intensity of daily use of the floor and your budget. We also inform you about wood properties and coloring.

We advise you in selecting the right materials for your wood floor and manage the whole project from begin to end, making sure that the floor will meet your demands.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating and wooden floors have been going well together for years. Especially with the high quality wooden floors from Uipkes. We can deliver and install your wooden floor project, as well as install the underfloor heating. All work is carried out by one party, so that planning and work can be better coordinated.

Looking for a beautiful wooden office floor, shop floor or restaurant floor in The Netherlands or abroad? At Uipkes you are at the right place! Below you will find some information on some of our commercial projects. Feel free to contact us for questions or information.

Office floor in global headquarters

For the global market leader in the field of animal nutrition and fish feed we have provided 1600 m2 of their new head office in Amersfoort with beautiful wooden floors.

Wood flooring in A'DAM Tower in Amsterdam

For the Dutch office of one of the world's largest music producers, Uipkes has once again had the honor to supply and install a wooden floor for one of their offices. This Sony office is located in the A'DAM tower in Amsterdam at the IJ. The green interior is very outspoken and is completely in line with the innovative style of the client.


In this beautiful, well-designed building, a new inhabitant has redecorated the entire office in a contemporary style. Due to the use of wood in the staircase and on a number of floors, the office has a modern and personal look and feel. This has created a beautiful and pleasant work environment for this client.

Engineered herringbone wood floor Berlagehuis

Uipkes installed this eligant french oak wood herringbone floor in the office of this restored monumental building 'Berlagehuis' in The Hague.


In the new office of a worldwide insurance company located in Amsterdam, Uipkes has installed a beautiful French oak floor with a herringbone pattern. Underfloor heating is also installed under the herringbone floor. The color is determined after creative consultation with the interior architect and client. The beautiful herringbone floor creates an authentic, modern and fresh office environment.

Wood floors at WTC Schiphol Airport

For this appealing and modern office in Schiphol WTC, Uipkes has supplied and installed wooden floors.

Wood flooring in Arnhem

A charming wood floor the office of an internet company in Arnhem.

Oak wood floors in Naarden

For an architectural firm in Naarden, we have installed an oak wood floor. The idea was to create a casual atmosphere and to make it a nice workplace for everyone.

Office wood flooring in Hilversum

In this office in Hilversum, used by a major global music llabel, Uipkes Wooden Flooring delivered and installed a beautiful wooden floor.

Engineered wood floor in Amsterdam

At this headquarters of a company in Amsterdam that buys and manages real estate worldwide, we have installed a layered wood floor called 'Vincent' finished in a deep black color. The black floor gives a beautiful contrast with the white walls and the large, modern furniture.

Wood flooring for restaurant Amstelveen

A chic restaurant floor in Amstelveen, made of the finest oak wood.

Nutwood office floor Amsterdam

At this Amsterdam headquarters of a major player in the green energy market, we have installed American nutwood flooring at the request of the architect.

Teak wood floor Rotterdam

In this very busy shoe store in Rotterdam of one of the oldest shoe brands in the Netherlands, the architect chose this teak floor.