Herringbone floor Berlagehuis

Uipkes installed a beautiful French oak herringbone floor in the restored, monumental 'Berlagehuis' in The Hague. Under the authentic roof, a stage was built on which Uipkes put the herringbone floor. The stage serves as a central workplace in the building and is quite a pleasure to look at.

Wood flooring in an inspiring office environment

Recently, this beautiful 'Berlagehuis' in The Hague has been refurbished into an inspiring office environment. The Berlagehuis is a place for doing business and work within a timeless and prestigious monument. At the opening (1927) it was a modern and progressive building.

Berlage was an innovative architect who designed buildings that stood out but perfectly suited the surroundings. His innovative work was that he consciously harmonized the interior and the exterior. Now, more than eighty years later, there is an inspiring, modern and balanced work environment that meets all the contemporary needs and requirements.

Wood Flooring office Berlagehuis The Hague


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Oak wood herringbone pattern floor Berlagehuis The Hague

The office floor details are a feast for the eyes

Our craftsmen have an eye for details when installing wooden office floors and make them a feast for the eyes. We finished the steps of the stage with the same oak wood as the herringbone floor. In addition, the client has requested an access hatch in the office floor containing an air grille for the supply of conditioned air for the office environment. We also made this access hatch from the same oak wood as the office floor in order to achieve a beautiful finish.

A modern herringbone floor with a classic twist

In this beautiful 1927 building, there should be an authentic herringbone floor. At the time, Berlage had an eye for modern details that fit timelessly in their surroundings.

Uipkes has installed an engineered oak wood herringbone floor in this beautiful office environment, using large floorboards. The herringbone shape gives the floor an authentic look and the large floorboards give it a modern twist. The large herringbone pattern creates a calm and inspirational ambiance that is in harmony with the surroundings.

Extra large herringbone floorboards



Character, authenticity, harmonious ... all words that fit this beautiful environment. The correct coloring of wooden office floors is definitely not the least important part of new floors. Uipkes Wood Flooring has hand-painted this office floor after consultation with the architect. We can make dozens of colors for your office floors.

hand-painted wood floor in office in The Hague



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