In the new office of a worldwide insurance company located in Amsterdam, Uipkes has installed a beautiful French oak floor with a herringbone pattern. Underfloor heating is also installed under the herringbone floor. The color is determined after creative consultation with the interior architect and client. The beautiful herringbone floor creates an authentic, modern and fresh office environment.


In this beautiful new office  we chose a large-scale herringbone floor in consultation with the client and interior designer, giving the office a modern look and feel. The playful floor pattern is beautifully highlighted in combination with the large, modern furniture.

Reception with herringbone floor

The entrance immediately invites visitors to enter the building and take a seat in the pleasent waiting room.

Office entry with oak wood herringbone floor


The light color of the herringbone floor forms a beautiful contrast with the brightly colored furniture, which ensures a fresh and relaxing environment. A good first impression of an office is of great importance for successful entrepreneurship, because a caring environment also says something about the company's identity. Here you can clearly see that a wooden floor contributes to an attractive office environment.

Oak wood floor Amsterdam office


Due to the underfloor heating, no radiators are required to heat the office space. The missing radiators also gives the office a clean look, which contributes to the modern experience of space.


Uipkes Wood Flooring has extensive experience with large wood flooring projects for offices and business premises. From consultation with the client and architect to managing permits and the project: Uipkes guarantees knowledge and expertise.

Lunchroom with oak wood floor in Amsterdam


If you want an office building with a consistent surface of perfect quality, then you are at the right place with Uipkes Wood Flooring. 

Wood flooring in corridor office space


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Meeting room with oak wood herringbone floor