"Het Arsenaal" in Naarden-Vesting is a beautiful concept of interior designers


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Wooden floors in various patterns in the showroom of Uipkes in Naarden

Wood flooring in Naarden

Visit our wooden floor showroom in "Het Arsenaal" for a consultation, be inspired by the floors in the building and the showroom. We can show 90 different colors and various installation patterns such as the herringbone, chevron pattern and planks. This will show you the possibilities for a new floor! Find out about the combination of a wooden floor with underfloor heating.
In the showroom there are wooden floors in various installation patterns from Uipkes
There are light and dark wooden floors in the Uipkes showroom
Oak herringbone floor in "The Arsenaal" in Naarden-Vesting
The chevron pattern floor in the Naarden showroom
Beautiful white herringbone floor in Naarden-Vesting
The Elbow pattern is installed in the Uipkes showroom in Naarden
Wooden floor in Naarden showroom Uipkes
Light herringbone floor in bedroom Naarden Vesting
Oak floors in different installation patterns in Naarden
Uipkes Wood Flooring Showroom Naarden-Vesting


In our showroom in Naarden-Vesting in the Arsenaal you can get a good impression of our handmade wooden floors and you will find various examples of laying patterns, colors and wood types. Come for inspiration and advice to our showroom or make an appointment. We are happy to share our passion for wood with you!

Uipkes Wood Flooring Naarden Vesting.

'Het Arsenaal'
Kooltjesbuurt 1
1411 RZ Naarden-Vesting
Tel: 035-6228295
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Thursday- Friday: 10.00 – 18.00 uur
Saturday: 10.00 – 17.00 uur

Historic Naarden-Vesting

Naarden-Vesting is a special village with a rich history. It is located in "Het Gooi" next to the well-known cities of Huizen, Laren, Blaricum, Bussum and Hilversum. Due to its location, it functioned as part of the Dutch Waterline. In and around the center are many monuments that show the history of this village.

Het Arsenaal in Naarden-Vesting


The monumental building 'Het Arsenaal' is a historic building from 1688. As the (Dutch) name suggests, the building was used for the storage of military ammunition until the First World War. Then it was a guesthouse for the infantry and a depot for military maps. The building has been in military use until 1987.

More than twenty-five years ago, Jan des Bouvrie took care of the building as a shop and showroom for his designs. Over the years, several stores have moved into Het Arsenaal, that specialize in the area of living, lifestyle and design. This is where architects, top designers and professionals come together to create and implement design concepts for the homes and offices of their clients.

Office part of showroom Uipkes Wood Flooring


In our showroom in het Arsenaal you can view examples of wooden floorings and get expert advice for your project. During an appointment we can inform you about all the possibilities for wooden flooring in your home or office. Take some photos with you to show us the interior of your home and the rooms where the floors are going to be installed. Tell us what kind of atmosphere and design you want to create and whether you want to combine the floor with underfloor heating and/or staircase renovation, so that we can give you great advice.

You will always receive tailor-made advice from us and, if required, we can also prepare a quotation for you. Have you taken on an architect or are you working with other home decoration stores in Het Arsenaal to redesign your home? A consult with Uipkes is an ideal moment to elaborate on these ideas.

Sample boards of oak floors in different colors


Do you have specific requirements for your wood flooring? Are you thinking of a special installation pattern, a floor without skirting boards or cutting a floor around heating grids and pillars? Do you want to create natural transitions between different spaces or floor coverings? Or a staircase with treads in the same wood type and color as your floor? Do you want to know whether you can also use a wooden floor in special areas, such as the kitchen, bathroom or toilet?

Uipkes has a lot of experience in wood detailing and offers tailor-made solutions, where we can show our passion for wood and craftsmanship.