Vrijblijvende offerte aanvragen

01Pick a color
Van Gogh White
Nepal White
Romantic White
Iron Grey
Blossom White
Vermeulen White
Pure White
Coral White
Vanilla White
Clear White
Wool White
Natural White
Fresh White
Mondriaan White
Natural Oak
Papyrus White
Unicorn White
Egg White
Ivory White
Pure Mouse Grey
Nuance White
Beige White
Lilly White
Almond Beige
Soft Grey
Lotus White
Loam Brown
Artistic White
Colorado White
Modern Brown
Cinnamon Brown
Rich Brown
Cream White
Basalt Grey
Reestdal Green
Sea Green
Blue Oak
Pebble Grey
Equator Brown
Silk Grey
Mediterranean Blue
Olive Grey
Loof Grey
Antique Brown
Bark Brown
Warm Brown
Deer Brown
Oriental Brown
Full Brown
Flaming Brown
Noble Black
Salmon Oak
Copper Brown
Noble White
Moss Grey
Old Grey
Mountain Grey
Heavenly Grey
Noble Grey
Natural Grey
Saddle Brown
Light Grey
Savanna Brown
Fog Grey
Dark Grey
Autumn Brown
Gold Brown
Squirrel Brown
Forest Green
Rozy Brown
Basic Brown
Bison Brown
Chocolate Brown
King Black
Jet Black
Chalkboard Black
Coal Black
Gothic Black
Deep Black
02Pick a pattern
Straight Pattern
Herringbone Pattern
Chevron Pattern
Versailles Pattern
03Pick a structure
Rustic French Oak Wood
French Oak Wood
05Select a wood width
06Installation method
Installation method
07Does the wooden floor come on underfloor heating or cooling?
Does the wooden floor come on underfloor heating or cooling?
08Personal information
01 Color Coral White
02 Installation pattern Chevron Pattern
03 Wood sorting Rustic French Oak Wood
04 Surface
05 Wood width - select -
06 Installation method
07 Underfloor heating or cooling
08 Personal information