Double Elbow Pattern

The double elbow pattern is an elegant pattern and enrichment for the space in your home. The light play that arises is different from the herringbone floor, because the "points" are placed towards the corner instead of in the middle of the room as with a herringbone floor.

The double elbow pattern wood floor can be installed on subfloors with underfloor heating

Underfloor Heating

With the transition of making more sustainable and reducing gas use, the demand for floors on underfloor heating is increasing. The double elbow is excellent in combination with underfloor heating. The floor can be glued directly to the sand cement or anhydrite subfloor. This makes the heat conduction most favorable.

Light double elbow floor, the floor provides a natural look


The double elbow pattern can be finished in one of the 90 Uipkes colors. The options are diverse and can match many interior styles. Discover the possibilities here.

French oak wood in quiet wood sorting

Wood sorting

The double elbow pattern floors are made of sustainable oak wood. The oak planks come in different wood sortings: one with character (knots) or a calm appearance (fewer knots).

This double elbow pattern is made in the size 220/1100mm wide

Dimensions of the floorboards

From modern to classic sizes, the double elbow pattern can be installed in various widths and lengths. A larger plank size ensures a quieter floor image. The ratio between the width and length of the planks is 1:5.

A double elbow pattern oak floor provides added value in the home

Double elbow pattern cost per m2

Het dubbel elleboog patroon is een vloer die een leven lang meegaat. Naast de ecologische voordelen zorgt het ook voor economische voordelen, doordat de houten vloer zijn waarde behoudt. De dubbele elleboog is gelegd voor een prijs vanaf € 188,- per m2.

The double elbow pattern is a floor that will last a lifetime. In addition to the ecological benefits, it also provides economic benefits, because the wooden floor retains its value. The double elbow can be installed for a price from € 188 per m2 including VAT.

The double elbow pattern has many areas of application, from office buildings to spacious homes


Due to the different dimensions of the double elbow pattern, the floor can be used in almost any room. The floor can be installed in both existing and new homes.

This double elbow floor has an underlayer of 12 mm birch plywood, 4 mm oak has been glued on this

Engineered Wood Flooring

The planks of the double elbow pattern consist of a composition of oak wood and birch plywood. The top layer consists of Oak, which gives the floor the appearance of the older solid floors. The plywood makes the floor stable and can be placed tightly against walls or other floor types.

The maintenance of the double elbow floors consists of mopping and periodically oiling the floor


The oiled wood floors from Uipkes, are floors for life. By periodically mopping and maintaining the floor, the floor no longer needs to be sanded. Only if you want to change color can you choose to sand the floor. As a result, the floor will last for decades.