Double Herringbone Pattern

The double herringbone pattern is part of the herringbone family. The planks of the herringbone are placed next to each other in pairs, creating the double pattern. This increases the "degree" of the herringbone, which creates a unique appearance.

This double herringbone floor is suitable for a home with underfloor heating and floor cooling

Underfloor Heating

Just like the herringbone floor, the double herringbone floor is well applicable to underfloor heating. Due to the composition of the planks, the floor can be used on underfloor heating as main or additional heating. The floor is also suitable for floor cooling.

This double herringbone floor is made in a Rustic French Oak sorting

Wood Sorting

The double herringbone floor is available in wood sortings that range with character and a range with a calm structure where the flame drawing is beautifully drawn.

This double herringbone floor is made in 240 mm wide planks, where the length of the plank is 1200 mm

Dimensions of the floorboards

The double herringbone pattern is available in widths from 90 to 260 mm. The narrower sizes create a more classic look. The wide planks create a modern and calm atmosphere.

This double herringbone is treated in the color Milk White, this is one of the 90 colors of Uipkes


Uipkes has 90 wooden floor colors that are made from sustainable oil and suitable for oak floors. View the 90 colors here.

The double herringbone pattern preserves the investment and its value over the years

Double Herringbone Price

The investment for the Double herringbone pattern is from € 187 per square meter. The floor is installed on the subfloor by our floor installers. The price may vary depending on the sorting and size. Curious about the costs? Request a free quote here.

The double herringbone floor is suitable for various rooms, including the living room and kitchen


In the renovation/ existing building more and more houses are being made more sustainable and provided with a beautiful wooden double herringbone floor. A sustainable wooden floor is also chosen in the new homes. The double herringbone floor is even suitable for use in the bathroom.

These double herringbone planks consist of engineered wood with an oak top layer

Engineered Wood Flooring

The planks of the double herringbone are composed of engineered wood floor parts. The top layer consists of 4 mm oak.

The wooden floors of Uipkes are maintained by vacuuming and mopping them


Depending on the use, the double herringbone floor will have to be maintained once every 4-6 years. By cleaning the floor weekly, maintenance is carried out and the floor remains beautiful.