Elbow Pattern

With the Elbow pattern, the planks of the herringbone are turned a quarter turn. This creates a different line and play of light than with the herringbone floor. The floor is a nice variation on the nowadays popular herringbone or Hungarian point floor.

This Elbow pattern is a wooden floor which can be combined with underfloor heating

Underfloor Heating

The Elbow pattern is suitable for, among other things, wet construction and dry construction underfloor heating. Discover all the possibilities of an Elbow pattern in combination with underfloor heating here.

This Elbow pattern floor has been installed in the quiet French oak sorting

Wood Sorting

The Elbow pattern is a unique pattern, which provides a lot of addition to the room. Here you can opt for two structures; with medium knots or minimal knots. Both sorts provide a different look.

This Elbow pattern floor is installed in the beautiful width of 160 mm

Dimensions of the Elbow Pattern

The Elbow pattern can be installedin narrow planks of 90 mm wide, but also in wider formats such as 180 or 240 mm wide.

This Elbow pattern is made of oak wood, the color is Milk White from Uipkes


The Elbow pattern is available in five color groups; white, light brown, brown, grey and black. The colors are made from linseed oil and other ingredients and applied to sustainable oak wood.

The price per square meter for the Elbow pattern is between € 185,- and 220,-

Price per m2

The Elbow pattern is installed completely from € 187 per square meter. The installation is provided by Uipke's own floor installers.

This Elbow floor provides an attractive addition in every room due to its shape


The Elbow pattern has many applications due to its shape. The pattern will look great in many rooms, including a kitchen with a cooking island. The Elbow pattern also provides a unique look in a hall or corridor.

The composite planks, also known as  engineered wood flooring, of the Elbow pattern have a French oak top layer

Engineered Wood Flooring

The planks of the Elbow pattern are similar to the herringbone floors. The parquet floor consists of an oak top layer.

Durable and low maintenance Elbow pattern wood floor


The durable Oak floors from Uipkes are low maintenance. Maintenance should be carried out once every 4-6 years.