Underfloor Heating

What are the benefits of underfloor heating?

10 Nov 2022
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Chevron wood flooring on underfloor heating in the kitchen and living room in a house in Rotterdam
Chevron wood flooring on underfloor heating in the kitchen and living room in a house in Rotterdam
Foto: Uipkes

Are you considering combining your new wooden floor with underfloor heating and would you like to know what the benefits of underfloor heating are? In this blog we explain all the benefits for you.

Underfloor heating increases living comfort

Nothing feels as comfortable as underfloor heating. When it freezes outside it is really a pleasure to walk on a heated floor. In addition, underfloor heating ensures an even distribution of heat in the room. This is not possible with radiators, where you always have temperature differences and cold spots.

Lower energy consumption

When heating with traditional radiators, the water must be heated to between 60 and 75 degrees to heat the room sufficiently. With underfloor heating, this is about 30-40 degrees.

This large temperature difference ensures that you have to heat a lot less. This is reflected in your energy consumption and therefore also in your energy bill. Underfloor heating is therefore not only interesting from a financial point of view. Because you heat less, it is also good for the environment.

Underfloor heating and aesthetics

You can choose to use the underfloor heating under your wooden floor as main or additional heating. Radiators generally do not look very pretty and they also take up space. With underfloor heating you do not suffer from these disadvantages. Aesthetically, underfloor heating as main heating is therefore the best choice.

Healthier heating

Dust quickly accumulates in radiators and when you start heating, the dust rises. That is why you see a lot of dust on the floor at the start of the heating season.

This is unpleasant for people with allergies. With underfloor heating you do not suffer from dust accumulation, making it a healthier way of heating than heating with radiators.

Have underfloor heating installed?

At Uipkes Wood Flooring we have over 25 years of experience in installing underfloor heating in combination with wooden floors. Warm wood feels wonderful on your feet. Other materials, such as laminate or PVC, do not come close.

Do you want to know more about having underfloor heating installed? Please contact us or simply request a quote online. Do you want underfloor heating, but you don't know yet which wooden floor you want to install? Then request our free inspirational wood flooring magazine.