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Buy oak flooring? Discover the possibilities

23 Mar 2023
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Sustainable oak floor in herringbone pattern, finished in the Uipkes color Cassave in a living room in Leiden
Sustainable oak floor in herringbone pattern, finished in the Uipkes color Cassave in a living room in Leiden
Foto: Uipkes

An oak floor has beautiful wood drawings, a timeless and natural look and can last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

That is why it is important to thoroughly orientate yourself on the many options when you are going to buy an oak floor. At Uipkes you can put together your oak floor completely to measure, so you can choose from:

  • 17 laying patterns
  • 90 exclusive colours
  • Various thicknesses and length and width measurements
  • Wood grades

Sustainable oak floors

All our oak floors are made from wood that comes from sustainably managed European forests. If you buy an oak floor from Uipkes, you therefore contribute to the preservation of the forests.

Moreover, there is no plastic in a wooden floor, as is the case with PVC floors and laminate. Wood is a natural product and renewable. A wooden floor is therefore a good investment to make your home more sustainable.

17 unique installation patterns

Oak floors are easy to work with, so you can have the floorboards installed in all kinds of patterns. In addition to the traditional plank floor, the popular herringbone pattern and the chevron pattern, variations on these laying patterns are also possible.

Examples include the Elbow Pattern, the Chevron Pattern Continuus, and the Double Herringbone.

Differences between Elbow, Double Herringbone and Chevron Continuus patterns visualized.

Oak floor colors based on 100% natural linseed oil

At Uipkes we use 100% natural linseed oil to finish your oak floor in the desired colour. We have developed 90 exclusive colors, so there is always a color that matches your interior. And if that is not the case, we can make a custom color especially for you.

90 Oak Floor Colors from Uipkes

Wide choice of dimensions and wood grades

The dimensions and the wood grading of the oak floorboards influence the appearance of the floor. For example, narrow floorboards make the oak floor busier and wide floorboards with many knots fit beautifully with a rural interior.

To create the desired effect, we offer you a wide choice of sizes and wood grades.

  Oak Plank Floor Oak Herringbone Floor Oak Chevron Floor
Length sizes 240 cm to 250 cm 60 cm to 120 cm  60 cm to 90 cm
Widt sizes 10 cm to 40 cm 12 cm to 24 cm 12 cm to 18 cm
Thickness top layer 3 mm, 4 mm and 6mm 4 mm 4 mm
Wood sorting
(size of the

Small: < 1 cm
Medium: 1 -3 cm
Large: 4 - 6 cm
small, medium, large small and medium small and medium


Oak floor with underfloor heating

Oak wood in the form of engineered wood flooring can be combined well with underfloor heating. This parquet floor is a layered wooden floor. The floor consists of a layer of cross-glued waterproof birch plywood with a layer of solid oak on top.

The construction of these oak parquet floors ensures that the heat from the underfloor heating can pass through the wood properly and that the wood hardly reacts to fluctuations in temperature and moisture content.

Single point of contact for the floor and underfloor heating

At Uipkes we can take care of installing the underfloor heating and the wooden floor. As a result, you only have one point of contact for your project and the costs are lower.

Oak floor price per m2 including installation

The price of an oak wooden floor depends on:

  • The laying pattern
  • The color
  • The dimensions of the oak floorboards
  • The thickness of the top layer

View the examples of oak floors below to get an idea of the price per m2 including installation.

Oak Floor Leiden - Bison Brown - €130.00 per m2

Buy oak floor? Get inspired

Would you like to know more about the possibilities for your new oak floor? Then come to one of our showrooms in Amsterdam, Alphen aan den Rijn or Naarden for advice and be inspired. Request our inspiration magazine for free before your visit, with numerous examples of beautiful oak floors.

Do you already know which oak floor you want to buy? Simply put together your floor online and immediately receive a quotation.