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Chevron floor on underfloor heating?

19 May 2023
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Chevron floor on underfloor heating in the living room and kitchen
Chevron floor on underfloor heating in the living room and kitchen
Foto: Uipkes

An oak chevron floor on underfloor heating is a good choice if you want to give the interior a luxurious and timeless look. The unique installation pattern harmoniously combines classic and modern elements. With a chevron oak floor on underfloor heating, you not only enjoy a beautiful floor, but also comfortable warmth.

Can an oak chevron floor really be used on underfloor heating?

There is still a misconception that an oak chevron floor is not suitable for underfloor heating. This only applies to solid wood floors and not to parquet floors. With engineered wood flooring, only the top layer is made of solid wood. The bottom layer consists of cross-glued waterproof birch plywood.

This material hardly reacts to fluctuations in temperature and/or moisture content. As a result, the shrinkage and expansion of the top layer is also very limited. It's even so limited, that it's possible to install the floor tightly against the wall without skirting boards.

Which types of wood are suitable for underfloor heating?

As far as the types of wood that are suitable for underfloor heating are concerned, there is really only one right choice: oak. Oak not only combines well with underfloor heating, but it is also a strong type of wood that can easily be finished in various floor colors, making it suitable for almost any interior style.

What is the best floor thickness for underfloor heating?

The thickness of the floorboards affects the heat resistance. The thicker the chevron floor, the higher the heat resistance. The thermal resistance is expressed in an Rc value. A low Rc value means a low heat resistance and a better heat output from the underfloor heating.

It is therefore recommended to choose parquet floorboards with a top layer of maximum 4 millimeters thick with an Rc value of 0.088 KW per m2. This thickness ensures good heat transmission, so you don't have to heat unnecessarily hard.

Chevron floor with a twist

In addition to the well-known universal dot pattern, there are various variations that you can use to give your floor a twist. For example, there is the Chevron Continuus pattern where the point is extended. See all variations of the chevron pattern.

Have a chevron floor installed on underfloor heating

Uipkes can take care of the entire process: from installing underfloor heating to placing and finishing the chevron wood floor. View examples of chevron floors and prices.

Do you want advice about wooden floors or underfloor heating? Visit a Uipkes showroom in Amsterdam, Naarden or Alphen aan den Rijn. We are happy to share our knowledge with you. You can now pre-order our free magazine for more information and inspiration.