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What does a wooden floor cost including installation?

20 Sep 2022
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What does a wooden floor cost including the installation? The costs depend on the pattern, size and grading
What does a wooden floor cost including the installation? The costs depend on the pattern, size and grading
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The costs for a wooden floor, including installation, depend on various factors. For example the type of wood and the type of wooden floor. Depending on your choices, you can take into account a starting price of € 128,- per m2 including installation.

Price determining factors for wooden floors

The price for a wooden floor depends on the following factors:

  • Wood type: oak has the best price-quality ratio
  • Floor type: engineered wood floor (also called layered floor/ parquet) or solid wood
  • Origin and quality of the wood
  • Dimensions of the floorboards: the wider, longer and thicker the floor, the higher the price
  • Color and finish: oils or varnishes
  • Labor for laying
  • Installation pattern
  • Other costs: for example the subfloor and the skirting boards

Do you want a floating or glued wooden floor?

A wooden floor can be installed floating or glued. Glued means that the floorboards on the screed is glued. Floating means that the wooden floorboards are joined together glued, but not directly to the screed.

In old apartments in particular, it is important to have the wooden floor installed as a floating floor  related to noise reduction. Apartments built in recent years often have a floating screed, resulting in little or no impact noise. At a floating screed, the wooden floor must always be glued.

A beautiful herringbone floor will cost around 188 euro per square meter including the vat and installation

Consider installing underfloor heating first

Wooden floors and underfloor heating have been a warm combination for years and increase living comfort enormous. If you do not have underfloor heating, it is worth considering installing underfloor heating first have it installed. We can advise you on this and take care of the installation. That way you have only one point of contact for the underfloor heating and the installation of the wooden floor.

Receive a quote?

Come to one of our showrooms in Alphen aan den Rijn, Naarden or Amsterdam for inspiration to do for your new wooden floor. After your visit you will receive a summary of the conversation, including a quote for the floor you have assembled.

Do you already know what kind of wooden floor you want? Request a quote online, visit one of our showrooms or schedule an appointment for video calling. Want to get inspired at home first? Order our free magazine full of examples of wooden floors and tips for choosing your new floor.