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Putting together a rural interior? This is how you do it

04 Jan 2023
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Rural interior with chevron parquet floor in dining room
Rural interior with chevron parquet floor in dining room
Foto: Uipkes

With a rural interior you provide a warm, cozy and cozy feeling at home. You will see rural elements in many interior styles. Consider, for example, natural materials, such as wood.

But how do you ensure that it does not stop at a few elements? So how do you put together a rural design that immediately gives you that rural feeling when you enter the room? In this blog article we tell you how to do that.

Choose rustic colors

Choosing the right colors is very important to create a rural atmosphere at home. Therefore choose earth tones, white, beige, taupe, ocher or brown tones. If you want a little more color in the interior, you can paint one wall in old pink, for example.

Natural materials

A rural interior is characterized by the use of natural materials. Consider, for example, wood, reed and/or rattan (woven materials). With the right combination of materials you ensure a rural living style and prevent an imbalance in the interior.

In addition, it is important that the different rooms in the house connect to each other. That is why we give you a number of tips on the use of materials for each room.

Country living room

In a rural living room it can all be a size bigger. So make sure you have some eye-catchers. For example, a large wooden wall cabinet or a large wicker sofa.

Use rural home accessories such as decorative cushions, wicker baskets, plaids, animal furs and antlers to complete the interior. To provide contrast in the interior, you can paint the walls in a light color and, for example, give the window frames a dark color.

As far as the floor is concerned, the choice is simple: a real wooden floor fits best with a rural interior. This is partly because the contact sound of a wooden floor fits in well with a rural experience.

Good to know: oak floors are available in dozens of colours, so there is always a floor that matches your interior. Moreover, the wooden floorboards are available in various widths. See this example of a stylish wide wooden floor in a rural interior.

Wooden floors and underfloor heating

Contrary to what many people think, wooden floors can be placed on underfloor heating without any problems. Nothing feels as comfortable as a heated wooden floor. That is why the installation of underfloor heating is definitely worth considering before you have the wooden floor installed.

Country style kitchen

In most homes, the kitchen is part of the living room. That is why it is important to extend the rural design of the living room to the kitchen.

A lot of wood is used in a country kitchen. Consider, for example, oak kitchen cabinets in combination with a kitchen worktop made of natural stone. To enhance the rural look of the kitchen, you can, for example, hang wall racks or place wooden shelves above the countertop on which you place the kitchen utensils.

Country style bedroom

A rural bedroom exudes tranquility. A wooden floor, light wall colors and a wooden bed frame will go a long way. In terms of window coverings, you can opt for curtains in combination with wooden slats or a bamboo roller blind.

Country style bathroom

You can easily give the bathroom a country style by choosing tiles that have an aged look. Choose warm colors, such as taupe. To finish it off, you can use wicker baskets to put towels in, for example. If there is a window in the bathroom, choose a roller blind made of bamboo or wooden slats.

Rural interior and lighting

You can make a rural interior extra attractive by choosing the right lighting. Consider, for example, a lampshade made of copper or brass. In addition, you can play with the daylight by, for example, placing shutters in front of the windows.


Need help putting together a rural interior?

Do you find it difficult to put together a rural interior yourself? Then the solution may be to have interior advice worked out. You will then receive a concrete plan for the design of your home in which all elements of the rural design are coordinated. If you want to know more about our wooden floors, you can use the buttons below to request more information or schedule a showroom visit.