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Wooden floor with underfloor heating and heat pump

18 Jan 2023
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Heat pump, underfloor heating and a herringbone wooden floor in new appartment in Amsterdam
Heat pump, underfloor heating and a herringbone wooden floor in new appartment in Amsterdam
Foto: Uipkes

A wooden floor goes well with underfloor heating and a heat pump. Discover the possibilities here.

Combining a wooden floor and underfloor heating with a heat pump, is that possible?

Yes, a wooden floor in the form of engineered wood flooring goes well with underfloor heating that is connected to a heat pump. An engineered wood floor is a layered floor with a bottom layer of cross-glued waterproof birch plywood with a top layer of solid oak. The underlay ensures that the floor hardly expands and/or shrinks.

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is a system that generates heat based on the outside air or groundwater. The heat pump uses electricity and not natural gas, making a heat pump a lot more sustainable and energy efficient compared to a central heating boiler.

Although the investment is higher than with a central heating boiler, you will eventually earn it back.

Heat pumps come in a number of variants. Below is a brief explanation:

  • An air-water heat pump extracts the heat from the outside air via a unit that is located outside. The heat is passed on to a refrigerant that passes it on to the heating system. An air-water heat pump is almost always a hybrid heat pump and can be used for both heating and cooling.
  • The water-water heat pump extracts heat from the groundwater, two wells are placed for the supply and removal of water. A permit is required for drilling for water. 
  • The ground-water heat pump extracts the heat from the soil or groundwater. This contains pipes containing liquid. The fluid absorbs heat and transfers it to the heating system via a heat exchanger.
  • The air-air heat pump (air conditioning system) works on ventilation air and is a hybrid system. It extracts the energy from the air which is converted into heat. The heat is blown into the room via wall or ceiling units. An air-to-air heat pump system can also cool by blowing cold air into the room via the units.

A heat pump system only works efficiently when you combine the system with underfloor heating. A heat pump functions best at lower temperatures and underfloor heating makes a room comfortably warm at lower temperatures. If you combine the heat pump with underfloor heating and a wooden floor, you choose one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly options available. But there's more:

Which heat pump can you efficiently combine with solar panels?

It is possible to combine a heat pump with solar panels (PV panels). Since heat pumps work on electricity, solar panels can provide the energy for the heat pump. The extent to which you can achieve a good return partly depends on your living situation, such as the insulation value of your home, the number of solar panels you need, the size of your home and whether you use underfloor heating as main or additional heating.

An air-water heat pump is most efficient in combination with solar panels. The heat generated by the solar panels can be used to support the heat pump, which extracts heat from the outside air, in heating water for the underfloor heating.

Another option is a water-water heat pump that you connect to a solar heat pump. This system works efficiently through the use of solar heat in combination with surface water.

For the efficient functioning of the heat pump in combination with underfloor heating, you need a home with a low energy requirement. This means that a home needs a higher energy label, such as A or B. This means that you must have floor insulation, energy-efficient windows (HR++), doors, walls and roofs, among other things. Good air ventilation and energy-efficient lighting are also necessary for these energy labels.

To reduce installation costs, you can check whether you are eligible for a sustainability loan (Dutch) for the heat pump, solar panels and floor insulation. To find out what the best solution is for your unique situation, it is best to consult an installer

Low temperature underfloor heating and the Rc value of wooden floors

Heat pumps are often combined with low-temperature underfloor heating. A water temperature of 30 to 40 degrees is sufficient to make it comfortable.

For traditional radiators, the water must be heated between 60 and 75 degrees to generate sufficient heat. This results in significantly higher energy consumption.

Due to the low temperature of the underfloor heating, it is important that the thermal resistance (the Rc value) of the wooden floor is not too high, so that the heat can pass through the floor properly.

At Uipkes we have two types of parquet floors with a low heat resistance:

  • Vincent (Rc 0.088 kW per m2, with a top layer of 4mm solid oak wood)
  • Floortje (Rc 0.070 kW per m2, with a top layer of 3mm solid oak wood)

The thinner the wooden floor, the lower the heat resistance.

At Uipkes we have over 25 years of experience in laying wooden floors in combination with underfloor heating. We can also take of the underfloor heating installation. As a result, you only have a single point of contact for your project.

Benefits wooden floor with underfloor heating

  • Your living comfort will increase because you will not be bothered by a cold floor
  • Your energy bill will go down because a water temperature of 30 to 40 degrees is sufficient for underfloor heating
  • From an aesthetic point of view, underfloor heating is the most beautiful solution for heating your home or business premises
  • You will not be bothered by dust accumulation in radiators

Custom wooden floors

To ensure that your new wooden floor with underfloor heating meets all your wishes, we supply custom floors. So you can choose from:

  • 90 exclusive floor colours
  • 17 laying patterns
  • Various widths and lengths for the floorboards

Moreover, it is possible to have a custom floor color made. With a wooden floor from Uipkes, you always get a floor that meets all your wishes.

Would you like to know more about underfloor heating and wooden floors?

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