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Want to buy herringbone parquet? Keep these things in mind

31 Aug 2022
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Herringbone parquet floors can be combined with both modern or classic interiors
Herringbone parquet floors can be combined with both modern or classic interiors
Foto: Uipkes

Classic or modern herringbone parquet

Herringbone parquet fits both a classic and modern interior. If you have a classic interior, choose a herringbone floor with narrow floorboards in combination with a band and/or trim.

Herringbone parquet with wide floorboards fits best with a modern interior, without a band and trim. If you want to go for a minimalist look, you can choose to install the floor tightly against the wall without skirting boards.

Herringbone Parquet Floorboards

Whether you want to create a classic or modern atmosphere, at Uipkes we offer you a wide choice of floor widths, so that your parquet floor fits in nicely with your interior. Our herringbone floorboards, called Vincent, are available in the following dimensions:

Vincent herringbone parquet planks dimensions:
120/600 mm
140/700 mm
160/800 mm
180/900 mm
200/1000 mm
220/1100 mm
240/1200 mm
240/1300 mm

Example of herringbone parquet in Utrecht

Using the example above, you can see the effect of herringbone parquet with wide floorboards. Uipkes has installed a custom oak herringbone parquet floor in this house in Utrecht. To ensure unity in the interior, the floor from the entrance has been extended to the living room, the kitchen and the bedrooms on the first floor. Because the interior has a modern look, the residents have opted for wide floorboards, without a border and trim. In addition to the size of the planks, the type of wood, wood sorting and color finish also play an important role in the appearance of the parquet floor.

This herringbone parquet floor made of oak in the Natural Oak color finish costs EUR 187,00 per m2. Prices of herringbone parquet are composed on the basis of color, type of wood, wood sorting, plank width and finish with or without band and trim. The price range of herringbone parquet at Uipkes in 2022 will be between EUR 187,00 and EUR 225,00. All m2 prices include: pre-inspections, color finishing, subfloor, glue, installation, other materials and VAT.

Wood Types

Herringbone parquet is available in various types of wood, such as oak, merbau or afzelia. French oak is by far the most commonly used type of wood. Oak wood offers several advantages:

  • It has a natural and timeless character
  • Oak floorboards can be finished in many colors
  • Oak parquet flooring has a low RC value, which makes it very suitable for combining with underfloor heating
  • Oak wood is interesting from a price point of view, especially in comparison with other types of wood
  • Because oak is easy to process, it is suitable for all laying patterns

Due to the many advantages of oak, at Uipkes we mainly use oak wood to install herringbone parquet. On request, the herringbone floor can also be supplied in other types of wood.

Wooden herringbone floor installed in the kitchen in the beautiful color Oak Naturel

Herringbone parquet and color finish

Which color to choose for your parquet floor depends, among other things, on the atmosphere you want to create. For example, a dark floor gives your interior a luxurious atmosphere and white provides a more tranquil atmosphere. Based on our example of the parquet floor in Utrecht, you can clearly see that the white oiled floor makes the room lighter and, together with the wide floorboards, creates a calm appearance. The herringbone motif is present, but does not demand all the attention in the room.

In addition to atmosphere, color can make a room optically wider or narrower. For example, if you place a dark floor in a room with a dark ceiling, it will make the room look wider and lower.

Another example: a light-colored ceiling in combination with a light-colored floor makes the room look narrower, higher and deeper. By playing with the colors of the walls, ceiling and floor, you arrive at the combination that best suits your taste.

Good to know: Herringbone parquet made of oak is available at Uipkes in 90 exclusive colors. Can't find the color you're looking for? Then we can tailor-make the desired color especially for you.

Herringbone parquet: suitable for underfloor heating

Herringbone parquet (also called 'engineered wood floor',  'duo plank' or 'multi-plank parquet') is a layered floor that can be perfectly combined with underfloor heating and floor cooling. This is because the underside of the floorboards are made of cross-glued plywood with a top layer of solid wood. Because herringbone parquet is not a solid wooden floor, the heat resistance is limited and the heat can penetrate the floor well.

Underfloor heating provides considerably more living comfort. You will never again suffer from cold feet when you walk on the floor. The parquet floor in our example is glued to underfloor heating and because wood is a natural product, the residents have a natural and warm experience with this combination.

If you buy herringbone parquet from Uipkes, we can also install the floor including the underfloor heating for you. This means you only have one point of contact. This saves you time, money and makes planning of all activities easier.

Tapis Herringbone

Tapis herringbone is a parquet floor that is laid like a carpet. Tapis is the French word for "carpet". Before installing tapis herringbone floor, a subfloor is glued to the cement floor, onto which the solid wooden floorboards are glued and nailed. Tapis parquet can also be combined with underfloor heating.

Because the parquet floor is glued and nailed, the wood works less and walking noises are reduced. On the other hand, the installation of tapis parquet is very labour-intensive, so that the costs per square meter are considerably higher than for herringbone parquet.

The double herringbone pattern is a variation on the popular herringbone parquet floors

Variants of the herringbone pattern

The herringbone floor is popular and is widely used. Many of our customers love beautiful, original designs and stylish floors and pay a lot of attention to the furnishing of their home. For customers who want something a little different, we offer variants of the herringbone pattern. Do you want a herringbone floor with a twist? Then choose a variant of the herringbone pattern, such as the double herringbone or triple herringbone. Several planks are placed next to each other, so that the herringbone pattern becomes wider.

Another popular variation on the herringbone floor is the elbow pattern, in which the herringbone is turned a quarter turn. View all herringbone patterns.

Would you like to know more about herringbone parquet?

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of herringbone parquet? Please contact us or visit one of our showrooms in Alphen aan den Rijn, Naarden or Amsterdam. This can be done via a showroom appointment or videocall, but you can also just walk into one of our stores during opening hours to view examples of herringbone parquet and ask questions. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you!