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Oak Engineered Herringbone Flooring in the Living Room?

24 Apr 2023
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Oak herringbone floor in the living room with large floor parts of 16x80 cm
Oak herringbone floor in the living room with large floor parts of 16x80 cm
Foto: Uipkes

An oak herringbone floor in the living room is a timeless and elegant choice if you are looking for a warm and natural look for your interior. In this blog we give inspiring examples of oak engineered herringbone floors in the living room and explain the benefits of this floor covering.

Durability and lifespan of oak herringbone floors

Oak wood is one of the most durable woods used for flooring. It is a strong and wear-resistant type of wood, which means that oak herringbone floors last for years. In addition, oak wood is a renewable resource and, if harvested in a sustainable manner, can be an environmentally friendly choice.

Uipkes only uses oak from well-managed European forests in order to deliver the best quality and minimize the impact on the environment. The quality and origin of the oak wood are of great importance for the appearance and lifespan of the oak floor.

Maintenance of oak floors

Maintaining an oak floor is also relatively easy and can easily be done once a week with included cleaning agents and periodic treatments with oil once every 5 to 7 years. Sanding the floor is often not necessary. A well-maintained oak herringbone floor can last for decades.

Stylish and chic look of an oak herringbone floor in the living room

An oak herringbone floor in the living room gives a stylish and chic look to the interior. It gives a natural warmth and texture to the room and suits different interior styles, from classic to modern. View a number of examples of living rooms with oak herringbone floors below.

These floors have a timeless look and can last for decades without losing style and elegance. The choice of an oak herringbone floor in the living room is therefore a smart investment for those who strive for a sustainable and timeless interior.

Oak herringbone engineered wood floor in the living room 12x60 cm

12 x 60

Above you see a white herringbone floor with small floorboards of 12 x 60 cm. The white color ensures that the floor does not look too busy and merges with the surrounding light colors.

light brown oak herringbone floor with floor parts of 14x70 cm


Above, a light brown herringbone floor with floorboards of 14 x 70 cm. These floors can be combined with all types of interior design.

oak engineered herringbone floor in the living room with large floor parts 16x80 cm


A brown herringbone floor with a large plank size of 16 x 80 cm. Herringbone floors with wide floorboards look majestic in large living rooms. The incidence of light allows you to see the strips of the herringbone floor emerge. A wooden floor never consists of one color. An untreated oak floorboard contains a spectrum of (adjacent) colors.

Difference between solid oak herringbone floor and engineered oak floors

There are two types of oak herringbone floors available on the market: solid oak herringbone floors and engineered herringbone floors.

A solid oak herringbone floor consists of one piece of solid oak and is laid directly on the subfloor. Engineered herringbone parquet consists of a thin top layer of solid oak wood that is glued to a plywood bottom layer. This construction makes it possible to stabilize the floor and prevent the floor from expanding or shrinking under the influence of temperature and humidity changes.

The advantage of herringbone engineered flooring over solid oak herringbone floors is that it is more resistant to warping and less sensitive to moisture. This makes it possible to use herringbone parquet in rooms with underfloor heating. Engineered oak floors also have a more favorable price tag than solid oak herringbone floors, while the appearance is almost identical. After all, it is not possible to see at the top of the plank whether it is parquet flooring or solid wood.

Herringbone engineered wood flooring is easy to combine with underfloor heating

Another advantage of herringbone engineered floors is that it combines well with underfloor heating. Thanks to the construction of the parquet flooring, with the plywood bottom layer, the heat can be distributed evenly over the entire floor. This ensures a pleasant and comfortable feeling on the feet and contributes to a more comfortable living environment in the home.

Oak herringbone floors in 90 colors and plank sizes up to 260/1300mm

Oak herringbone floors are available in different colors and sizes. At Uipkes you can choose from 90 colors, ranging from light, neutral tones to dark, warm colours. This makes it possible to adapt the floor to your personal style and taste.

In addition, Uipkes can supply large plank sizes up to 260/1300mm, which ensures a modern and contemporary effect. Due to the large dimensions of the planks, the pattern of the herringbone floor comes into its own even better and the space is optically enlarged.

Finally, you can also install oak herringbone planks in derived patterns, such as the double herringbone floor, triple herringbone floor and elbow pattern.


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