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Oak stair treads for renovation of stairs: durable and stylish

17 Apr 2023
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Oak stair treads with white risers
Oak stair treads with white risers
Foto: Uipkes

Renovating your stairs with oak steps is an excellent choice if you are looking for a durable, stylish and safe solution for your stairs.

What is the difference between oak stair treads and oak cover stair treads?

The difference between oak stair treads and oak overlay stair treads lies in the way they are installed on the stairs.

Oak stair treads are solid pieces of oak that are typically used in new stair constructions or when completely renovating an existing staircase. These treads are designed to be installed directly onto the stair stringers or risers, and they can be finished with a variety of stains and sealants to achieve the desired look.

On the other hand, oak overlay stair treads are designed to be installed over existing stair treads. These treads are thin strips of oak that are glued and sometimes also nailed onto the existing treads. This method of installation makes the renovation process faster and easier, as it eliminates the need to remove the existing treads. 

This method is faster, easier and less expensive than replacing the stair treads, but may be less durable than replacing the treads with solid oak stair treads.

Oak wood as a sustainable raw material for stair renovations

Oak wood is a hard and wear-resistant type of wood that will last a lifetime. Solid oak stair treads are therefore an excellent choice if you are looking for a sustainable solution for your stair renovation.

Easy to repair by sanding and/or oiling

A major advantage of oak stair treads is that they are easy to restore by sanding and oiling. This keeps the steps looking like new, even after many years of intensive use.

Harmonious interior with oak steps and floors from Uipkes

If you are looking for a harmonious interior, it is important that the stairs and the floor fit well together. Uipkes Wood Flooring offers the option of finishing oak steps in the same color as the new oak floor,

Oak stair treads are not only durable, but also give a warm look to your interior. At Uipkes Wood Flooring you can choose to have oak stair treads finished in the same color as the floor, which ensures a harmonious look.

You can also choose to create contrast between the floor and the stairs by choosing, for example, a black staircase with oak steps and a light wooden floor, or a white staircase with oak steps and a dark floor.

Whether you want to have an oak staircase renovation carried out that fits a rural or modern interior style, Uipkes can help with this with good advice and craftsmanship. Various types of stairs can be covered with oak, such as a z-staircase, open stairway or closed stairway.

Oak stair railing

An oak banister can complete the look of the staircase. The handrail can be finished in the same color as the steps or contrast for a unique effect. It is important that the handrail is mounted properly and firmly for safety.

solid oak treads in the same color as the wooden floor

Other wood detailing work

In addition to renovating stair treads, Uipkes Wood Flooring can also provide other wood detailing work. Think of making and installing risers, architraves, mouldings and more. By coordinating all the wooden details, a harmonious atmosphere is created in the room.

Non-slip stair strips

Safety is of course an important aspect when renovating stairs. Wooden stairs can be slippery. That is why it is recommended to use stylish anti-slip stair strips that match the look of the oak wood. These stair strips provide extra grip and prevent slipping. They are available in different colors and materials and can therefore be well matched to the color finish of the stairs.

Less creaking noises

Wooden stairs can produce a creaking sound. This is usually due to incorrect installation, as a result of which the steps are under tension or because there is dirt that has settled between the cracks and connections over the years. In addition, many wooden stairs use spruce wood, which shrinks and expands more easily with changing moisture percentages. Oak wood works a lot less and will not produce a creaking sound if properly installed. So an oak staircase can not only be a visual enhancement to the space, but also improve its comfort

Oak Stair Renovation Cost and time

The costs of an oak staircase renovation are on average around EUR 2500,-. The exact cost depends on the size of the stairs, the desired finish and other options, like risers and banisters. An oak staircase renovation can be carried out in one day, keeping disruption to a minimum.

Would you like advice on oak staircase renovation and/or wooden floors? Contact us or visit a Uipkes showroom in Amsterdam, Naarden or Alphen aan den Rijn. We are happy to share our knowledge with you. You can now pre-order our free magazine for more information and inspiration.