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Stair cladding with oakwood, discover the possibilities

12 Aug 2022
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Noble White oak floor and stair cladding in chevron pattern
Noble White oak floor and stair cladding in chevron pattern
Foto: Uipkes

Wooden stair cladding is durable, scratch and impact resistant and suitable for any interior. Discover the possibilities and what you should pay attention to when purchasing.

L- staircase coverings with oak wood in mansion Delft

What are the advantages of wooden stair cladding?

Wood is not only a beautiful natural product for installing floors. It is also suitable for use as staircase covering. Wood stair coverings can be applied in two ways: by placing wooden transfer steps on the current stair treads or by replacing the steps with solid wooden stair treads.

  • Wood gives your stair treads and risers a natural and warm look
  • Wooden stair cladding is scratch and impact resistant
  • The steps are suitable for installation on almost any surface (concrete, metal or wood).
  • Due to the variation in wood drawings, each stair step has a unique appearance
  • You can sand down wooden stair coverings and refinish with oil so that your stairs look like new again
  • Wood is a renewable raw material and therefore more sustainable than other types of stair coverings

What are suitable types of wood?

Wooden stair cladding is available in various types of wood, such as spruce, beech and oak. At Uipkes we prefer to clad stairs with solid oakwood. Oak is strong, durable, has a good price-quality ratio and it gives your stairs a natural and timeless look.

chevron pattern stair cladding with oakwood

Wooden stair coverings: installation patterns and colors

To create unity between the floor and the stairs, it is possible to have the installation pattern of the floor, for example the chevron pattern, transition smoothly into the steps. To make the transition between the floor and the stairs even more beautiful, you can match the color of the floor to the steps. Although it is of course also possible to give the stairs a contrasting color.

At Uipkes we offer you a choice of 90 exclusive colors to finish the steps. And if you buy or have bought a wooden floor from us, we can supply the stairs in the same color.

Noble white oak staircase and floor in mansion in Delft

How much does wooden stair cladding cost?

The cladding of the stairs is always tailor-made. Some aspects that determine the costs are:

  • The type of wood
  • The number of steps (treads and risers)
  • The thickness of the wooden stair covering
  • The type of staircase (straight staircase, L-shaped staircase, spiral staircase, open staircase or closed staircase)
  • The choice for wooden transfer steps or the complete renovation of the staircase with steps made of solid wood
  • The installation pattern, for example: herringbone is more expensive than the plank pattern, because it requires more work.

Do you want to know what it costs to cover your stairs? Schedule a showroom appointment or video call appointment without obligation for advice and a quote.

Do you want to clad your stairs with wood yourself or outsource it?

Cladding your stairs is precision work. The stair treads must fit perfectly and be mounted in a firm and safe manner. That is why it is only advisable to clad the stairs with wood yourself if you know exactly how to do it. Otherwise, it is better to choose to have your stairs tread covered by a professional.