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What color stairs goes best with a wooden floor?

02 Feb 2023
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A white oak herringbone floor and spiral staircase with oak steps in the same color
A white oak herringbone floor and spiral staircase with oak steps in the same color
Foto: Uipkes

Do you have a wooden floor or do you want to have a wooden floor installed, but you are not sure which color staircase fits well? Below you can read all about color combinations and options for your stair covering.

Wooden floor and stairs in the same color

Many people doubt which color to choose for their staircase that will be combined with a wooden floor. Should you choose a contrasting color or the same color as the floor?

The advantage of a staircase in the same color as the wooden floor is that the staircase and floor merge seamlessly. This radiates unity, tranquility and harmony, with the stairs not demanding too much attention in relation to the floor.

The disadvantage is that the staircase renovation and the installation of the wooden floor are usually carried out at different times and by different parties. It often turns out to be difficult to find exactly the same colors for the stairs and floor. Keep in mind that a floor and stairs in the same color can be somewhat monotonous and it is advisable to have furniture or plants in contrasting colors to make a room more lively.

At Uipkes, in addition to installing your new wooden floor, we can also cover your stairs with oak and finish it in the same color as the wooden floor. This means you don't have to worry about color deviations. Do you have an existing wooden floor? Then we can sand and oil your wooden floor again in the color of your choice and then also finish the stairs in that color. This keeps the investment relatively low compared to a new wooden floor.

Brown oak chevron floor and oak steps in the kitchen of a house in Rotterdam.

Wooden floor and stairs in contrasting color

You can create contrast in your interior by combining the wooden floor with a staircase that is finished in other colors and/or materials. For example: by combining a gray floor with a staircase with steel banisters and light oak steps, you get a modern, industrial look.

A staircase in contrasting colors or constructed from various materials attracts a lot of attention in a room.

Types of stairs

Another point is the type of stairs you have, such as the block stairs, z-stairs, open stairs or closed stairs. With a closed staircase you can choose to have the risers painted in a color of your choice. An open staircase has no risers and here you can choose to only cover the top and front/rear view with oak and finish the bottom in a different colour. The possibilities are endless.

The choice of the color of your stairs is therefore a matter of taste and partly depends on your interior colors and the effect you want to create.

Examples of color combinations for wooden floors and stairs

Below are a number of rules of thumb for the colors of your stairs in relation to the color of your floor:

  • You can combine a gray wooden floor with a black or white staircase with natural colored oak steps.
  • You can combine a white wooden floor with a staircase in almost any color. A dark-colored staircase requires more attention in the room, while a staircase in the same white color as the floor forms a beautiful, smooth transition.
  • You can combine a brown wooden floor with a staircase in classic colors, which are less bright and go well with woodwork. This way you still get contrast, but the stairs do not scream for attention.
A staircase with oak steps in the same color Mondriaan White as the wooden floor

Customization in wood and color

At Uipkes, the love for wood goes much further than wooden floors and stair coverings. We can also manufacture custom banisters, convector pit grilles, window sills, cabinets and other wooden interior pieces for you. If desired, in the same color as your wooden floor or oak stair treads.

Want to know more?

Would you like to have your stairs finished with oak steps in a beautiful colour? Read more information about stair coverings or visit the showroom for free advice. We are happy to share our knowledge with you.