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What is an engineered wooden floor and what are the benefits?

29 Sep 2022
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Engineered floors consist of layered planks, the top layers consist of solid wood with, for example, plywood underneath
Engineered floors consist of layered planks, the top layers consist of solid wood with, for example, plywood underneath
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An engineered wooden floor is a layered floor, also known as the duo plank or multi plank. The bottom consists of cross-glued plywood, the top is made of solid wood. Because the top is made of solid wood, the floor looks the same as a solid wooden floor.

Benefits of enginereed floors

  • Because only the top layer is made of solid wood, swelling and shrinking is limited to a minimum and you can combine this floor with underfloor heating.
  • You can install the floor floating, so that a noise reduction of at least 11 decibels can be achieved. This means that you can also use parquet flooring in apartments where you have to meet noise standards.
  • It is possible to sand the top layer several times and refinish it with oil, so that your floor looks like new again.
  • Enginereed wooden floors are budget-friendly compared to solid wooden floors.
  • Less solid wood is needed for the production of a engineered floor. This makes the floor a more environmentally friendly choice than a solid wooden floor.

Enginereed wooden floors and quality differences

The prices for parquet flooring can vary considerably. This usually has to do with the quality differences of the floor.

For cheap floors, the underside can be made of spruce wood, for example. This type of wood can react heavily to changes in humidity. As a result, cracks appear in your floor because the wood shrinks and expands a lot.

It also happens that the underside consists of a thin layer of plywood, so that the floor is less stable and unevenness can occur.

In addition, the quality of the top layer of the parquet floor can differ. For example, because sapwood is used. This wood is less strong than the wood in the core of the tree trunk and also often has less beautiful wood drawings.

Engineered herringbone floor combined with underfloor heating in the bedroom

High quality engineered flooring

At Uipkes we want you to enjoy your floors for a lifetime. That is why our engineered floors have an underside of nine layers of cross-glued birch plywood. The floor is therefore very stable.

In addition, the layer of birch plywood is waterproof, so that it hardly reacts to changes in humidity. You can therefore combine the floor with underfloor heating without any problems and install it tightly against the wall. If desired, even without skirting boards.

The top layer of our engineered wood floors is made of high-quality oak that comes from demonstrably sustainably managed forests. You can choose from 90 exclusive colors for the finish of the top layer. Is the desired color not included? Then we can make a custom color for you.

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