What types of wooden floors are there?

21 Oct 2022
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This type of wooden floor is made of engineered boards, which makes is suitable for underfloor heating
This type of wooden floor is made of engineered boards, which makes is suitable for underfloor heating
Foto: Uipkes

In addition to different types of wooden floors, there are also different types of wood from which the floors are made. Think, for example, of oak or jatoba. In this blog we tell you everything about the possibilities.

Types of wooden floors

There are two types of wooden floors: solid wooden floors and engineered wooden floors or parquet floors.

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood floorboards consist of one piece of wood, so without underlayment. A wooden floor made of solid wood is therefore heavier than parquet flooring. Solid wood is very strong and can last for generations.

The disadvantage is that the solid floorboards can shrink and expand due to fluctuations in humidity and temperature. This is also known as the 'working' of wood. Solid wooden floors therefore cannot be combined with underfloor heating. The floor parts can then bulge.

This herringbone engineered wooden floor has a toplayer of solid Oak. The layer underneath is Birch plywood

Engineered Wood Flooring

An engineered wooden floor consists of several layers and is therefore also called a 'layered floor' or 'multi-plank parquet'. The top layer is made of solid wood, the bottom layer is made of cross-glued plywood.

We use water-resistant glued birch plywood for the Uipkes engineered wooden floor. Birch plywood hardly works with fluctuations in humidity. This makes our parquet flooring particularly well suited for underfloor heating.

Another advantage of parquet flooring is that it can last a lifetime. And if the color of the floor is no longer to your liking after a while, you can have the floor sanded and finished with a different color.

All the advantages of parquet flooring ensure that most people opt for parquet flooring when they buy a wooden floor.

Wood species and wooden floors

In addition to the choice of the type of wooden floor (solid wood or parquet), you can choose from different types of wood from which the floor is made. Suitable woods include jatoba, maple and oak.

Most floors from Uipkes are made of oak. The reason for this is that oak wood offers many advantages:

  • Oak has a timeless appearance, which means you can combine it with almost all types of interior styles.
  • Oak wood can be finished in many colours. At Uipkes you can choose from 90 exclusive floor colors and we can even make a custom color if desired.
  • The low Rc value of oak makes it possible to combine the floor with underfloor heating.
  • Oak is easy to work with and therefore suitable for all installation patterns, such as the herringbone pattern and the chevron pattern.
  • In addition to all the advantages compared to other types of wood, oak is relatively cheap and can be delivered quickly.

Get inspiration for your new wooden floor

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