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Which floor to choose for your new home?

17 Feb 2023
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Stylish, wide wooden floor in herringbone pattern in a new build home in Amsterdam
Stylish, wide wooden floor in herringbone pattern in a new build home in Amsterdam
Foto: Uipkes

If you have bought a new-build home, the floor is often one of the first things you have to make a decision about. But which type of floor is best for a new-build home?

Suitable floors for new homes

  • Wooden floors
  • PVC floors
  • Laminate flooring
  • Tile floors

Wooden floors and new build homes

It will not surprise you that we prefer a wooden floor, but in fact this is also the best floor you can choose for a new-build home. A wooden floor offers a number of advantages over other types of floors.

Advantages of wooden floors

  • A wooden floor, if made from wood that comes from sustainably managed forests, is more sustainable than other types of floor. Wooden floors can last a lifetime. Moreover, wood is a renewable raw material.
  • Unlike a PVC floor (PolyVinylChloride), a wooden floor does not contain any plastic. When using PVC, questions are increasingly raised about whether the material is good for health and the environment. See, for example, the publication 'The polyvinyl chloride debate: why PVC remains a problematic material', produced by researchers at HCWH Europe and to which no less than 18 leading health and environmental organizations have contributed.
  • You can sand and refinish a wooden floor several times, depending on the thickness of the top layer, so that your floor looks like new again. It is even possible to finish the floor in a different color after sanding. Handy, for example, if you want to change the interior style.
  • Each wooden floor part has a unique wood drawing. With other PVC floors and laminate, only a few prints are used that you keep seeing in the floor.
  • Parquet floors (a layered, engineered wooden floor) can be laid floating, which means that a noise reduction of at least 11 decibels can be achieved. A parquet floor is therefore a good choice if you live in an apartment where you have to meet noise standards.
  • Parquet flooring can be combined with underfloor heating without any problems. The floorboards are made up of a top layer of solid wood and a bottom layer of cross-glued waterproof birch plywood. As a result, the swelling and shrinking of the wood is kept to a minimum and it is even possible to lay the floor tightly against the wall without skirting boards.

Request our inspiration magazine for free

Get inspiration for your wooden floor for your new-build home and request our free inspiration magazine full of examples of beautiful floors. You are also very welcome to visit one of our showrooms in Amsterdam, Alphen aan den Rijn or Naarden.

PVC floors

PVC floors have become increasingly popular in recent years. PVC floors are available in many prints, easy to maintain and relatively cheap to purchase. On the other hand, there are a number of important drawbacks:

  • As indicated earlier, PVC floors contain plastic and criticism is increasingly being heard about the impact that the floors can have on the environment and health.
  • Damage is difficult to repair.
  • The service life is limited (about 10 years).
  • Incorrect use of underfloor heating under the PVC floor can release harmful substances and damage the floor.
  • In short, if you want to furnish your new-build home with a floor that you can enjoy for many years, a PVC floor may not be the best option.

Laminate floors

Laminate floors are cheaper than wooden floors and PVC floors. Laminate is made up of a bottom layer with paper printed on it with a wood drawing. To protect the paper, the floor is finished with a transparent top layer of hard plastic.

The disadvantages of laminate are the same as those of a PVC floor, only a laminate floor is less harmful to the environment.

Tile floors

Tile floors generally last a long time and can take a beating. In addition, tiles are not sensitive to scratches and wear. On the other hand, the joints between the tiles can become dirty or discolored over time. Natural stone floor tiles are made from a natural raw material, but natural stone is not a renewable raw material.

A tile floor lasts longer than a PVC or laminate floor. However, it is not possible to repair damage or change the color of the tiled floor. If you change the interior and the tiled floor no longer matches or if the floor is severely damaged, you must replace the replace tiles.

New homes and underfloor heating

Almost all new homes are now equipped with underfloor heating in The Netherlands. That is why it is important that the floor you buy can be combined with underfloor heating. All floor types discussed can be installed on underfloor heating.

Uipkes and project management

At Uipkes we often work with interior architects, both for private assignments and for the business market. If desired, we can cover the steps with wood in addition to the wooden floor, in the same color and with the same laying pattern as the floor.

If no underfloor heating has been installed in your new-build home, we can take care of the installation. At Uipkes you therefore have a single point of contact for your floor and everything that goes with it. That saves you time and money.

Interesting new construction projects

Are you looking into purchasing a new-build home, but haven't found what you're looking for yet? You may find one of the following projects interesting.

Hyde Park

In Hoofddorp, just below Amsterdam, the hypermodern urban district Hyde Park is being built in phases. The district consists of 3800 new homes, varying from studio homes, two, three, four, five-room apartments and penthouses.

With boulevards, restaurants, shops and nice outdoor areas, it is wonderful to relax in this beautiful district. The first homes will be completed in 2022, but there are still several homes for sale, more information:

De omloop

Do you like the urban cosiness, but also a green living environment? Then De Omloop in Leeuwesteyn (Utrecht) is really something for you. The new construction project consists of 44 townhouses, single-family homes and apartments with their own garden and a large communal courtyard.

The garden is beautifully designed and not only a nice place for the residents, but also for birds and butterflies. The combination of city life and a green living environment make De Omloop a unique new construction project. More information:

Boss Almere

At a beautiful location, near Almere Haven, a sustainable residential area is being built with its own forest. The plots have an area of at least 1500 m2 and the forest belongs to the owners. If you like peace, space and a green living environment, this is a unique opportunity.

The first villas have now been completed, but there are still homes for sale. More information: