Underfloor Heating

Which floor on underfloor heating?

21 Nov 2022
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Oak floor on underfloor heating in a living room in Hilversum, NL in the color Mondriaan White with 280mm wide planks.
Oak floor on underfloor heating in a living room in Hilversum, NL in the color Mondriaan White with 280mm wide planks.
Foto: Uipkes

Do you want to have underfloor heating installed? Then it is important to think carefully about what kind of floor you want on the underfloor heating. In this blog we tell you all about the possibilities.

Wooden floor on underfloor heating

Of all types of floors, a heated wooden floor feels the most pleasant and natural. Contrary to popular belief, a wooden floor in the form of oak engineered flooring can be combined well with underfloor heating.

An engineered wood floor is a layered wooden floor where the top layer is made of solid oak. As a result, the heat resistance is low, so that the heat can easily pass through the floor.

Advantages of a wooden floor over underfloor heating

  • Of all floor types, wood feels the most natural.
  • Wood cools down relatively slowly, so it continues to give off heat for a long time.
  • Engineered wood flooring has a bottom layer of cross-glued birch plywood. This layer hardly reacts to temperature fluctuations and changes in humidity. In contrast to laminate floors, you hardly suffer from the expansion and contraction of the floor. You can even install engineered wood floorboards tightly against the wall, so without skirting boards.
  • Wooden floors from Uipkes are made of high quality sustainable European Oak. As a result, the floors can last a lifetime. You can repair any damage to the floor by having the floor sanded and oiled. And if desired, you can have the floor finished in a different color. This is useful if, for example, you have changed the interior style and the floor color does not match the new style.
  • Wood is a renewable raw material, making wooden floors a sustainable choice.
Wooden herringbone floor with underfloor heating in a living room in Rotterdam, finished in the color Noble Grey and plank sizes of 180/900mm.

Tile floor on underfloor heating

Tile floors combine well with underfloor heating and heat up relatively quickly. In addition, tiles have a low heat resistance, so that the heat is well transferred to the room.

Although high-quality tiles do not wear out quickly, scratches and scuffs will appear over time. The only solution to make the floor look like new again is to replace the floor.

In the long term, a tile floor is therefore more expensive than a wooden floor. Moreover, the raw materials from which tiles are made are not infinitely available. In terms of sustainability, a tile floor is therefore not the best choice.

Laminate on underfloor heating

Although laminate can be installed on underfloor heating, it is not the most suitable type of floor. Laminate can expand and contract considerably if there are large temperature differences in the house. Moreover, just like with tile floors, you cannot repair laminate if the floor is damaged.

PVC on underfloor heating

PVC floors are often used on underfloor heating and allow the heat to pass through well. In addition, maintenance is easy. Regular mopping is sufficient.

Unfortunately, there are a number of possible disadvantages to PVC floors. A PVC floor is made of polyvinyl chloride, or plastic. Several publications have been published on the possible adverse effects of PVC on the environment and health.

We therefore prefer more sustainable floor types, such as wooden floors made from wood that comes from sustainably managed forests. At Uipkes we made a conscious choice to specialize in this type of flooring.

Want to know more about underfloor heating?

At Uipkes we have more than 25 years of experience in installing underfloor heating in combination with wooden floors. We can therefore give you good advice and unburden you. After all, you only have one point of contact for your project.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of wooden floors on underfloor heating? Then visit one of our showrooms in Amsterdam, Alphen aan den Rijn or Naarden. Do you already know what you want? Simply request a quote online.