Block Pattern

The Blok Pattern is an authentic wooden floor that has a rich history. In the Block pattern, five planks of a wooden floor are placed in a block. In the block next to it, the planks are turned a quarter turn. This creates squares that alternate and a traditional pattern.


This Block pattern is suitable in combination with underfloor heating and floor cooling

Underfloor Heating

The Block pattern is suitable for installation on floors with underfloor heating and floor cooling. The Rc value of the floor is 0.088 kW per m2.

This Block pattern is in the beautiful quiet French Oak sorting

Type of Floorboards

We are specialists in the supply of oak floors. The oak Block Pattern is available in two grades:

  • Rustic French Oak: a floor with a few knots that gives a authentic oak wood look. The floor provides character
  • French Oak: the sorting without knots that provides a calm appearance
This is the Block pattern in the sizes 160-800 mm

Plank Sizes

The Block pattern is available in different plank sizes:

  • 90 / 450 mm
  • 120 / 600 mm
  • 140 / 700 mm
  • 160 / 800 mm
  • 180 / 900 mm
  • 200 / 1000 mm
  • 220 / 1100 mm
  • 240 / 1200 mm
  • 260 / 1300 mm


The Oak Block pattern is treated in the color Milk White


The Block pattern is treated with a sustainable linseed oil. The oil ensures that the floor still shows the beautiful drawing of the wood. The color on the example is Milk White. In addition, the Block Pattern can be installed in one of our 90 unique colors.

The price for this Block pattern is from € 187 per square meter, including installation


The square meter price for the Block pattern depends on, among other things, the grading and dimensions. The Block pattern is available from € 187 per square meter including installation by our own experienced floor installers.

The Block pattern can be installed in the living room, kitchen and bathroom


The floor can be used in, among others:

This Block pattern consists of oak engineered wood flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring

The Block pattern is made up of engineered wooden planks. The total floor thickness is 16 mm, of which the top layer consists of 4 mm oak placed on 12 mm waterproof glued multiplex.

The Block Pattern should be maintained by vacuuming and mopping the floor


The maintenance of the Block Pattern involves vacuuming and mopping. The floor is treated with oil, depending on the use it will have to be re-oiled once every 4-6 years. You can have this taken care of by the experienced park keepers of Uipkes.