Dry underfloor heating system and wood flooring

This system consists of insulating boards where metal plates with grooves have installed for heat dissipation. Within the grooves pipes are installed and covered with fermacell boards (gypsum board) or similar boards. After the fermacell sheets are primed, we can then glue the wooden floor.


  • For Fermacell method or similar plates please read the manufacturer's instructions.
  • In dry construction systems, a heating protocol is not required, because no residual moisture is present in the subfloor.
  • Minimum coverage requirements do not apply. However, the rule here is that the top floor should never exceed 28 ° C. The maximum residual moisture content in the floor may not exceed 0.3%.
  • Machine sanding or brushing to remove any sludges present on the surface. Then vacuum thoroughly with an industrial vacuum cleaner.
  • Prime Fermacell plates for proper adhesion with primer approx 300-500 g / m² per layer. Drying time about 12-16 hours. Apply the next layer within 24 hours.
  • Then glue the wooden floors on the primed Fermacell plates.

If the residual moisture content is higher than 0.3%, the wooden floor can not be installed. Moisture screens should not be applied to Fermacell floors.

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