Electric underfloor heating for your wooden floor
Electric underfloor heating for your wooden floor

Electric underfloor heating for your wooden floor

There are two types of electric floor heating: underfloor heating mats and cables. Electric underfloor heating is generally used as an additional heating system.

Disadvantage of electric heating as main heating is the high costs involved in comparison to other underfloor heating systems. The only reasons to choose for electric floor heating is when there is no room / building height available or when no heating tubes can be installed in the underfloor. Therefore, we recommend electric underfloor heating only as an additional heating system.


For the installation of the electrical underfloor heating, follow the manufacturer's instructions. After being professionally fitted and covered with a mortar approved for wooden floors, the floor should be treated like a wet underfloor heating system.

  • Before you start gluing the wooden floors, you must perform the heating protocol. As a rule, this protocol takes 2 to 3 weeks and may not start before the floor is 28 days old.
  • The maximum residual moisture content in the floor may not exceed 2.0%.
  • Machine sand or brush the surface to remove any sludges present. Then clean thoroughly with an industrial vacuum cleaner.
  • Prime the mortar with a primer, apply with the foam roller, lambskin roller or spatula. Use about 80-200 g / m². Drying time approximately 1 hour at 20 ° C and max 65% RV. Avoid ponding!
  • Then glue the wooden floor. Use about 1000-1200 g / m². Apply with toothed B11.

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