Milling in sand cement

In addition to milling in an anhydrite floor, Estrich floor, slots can be milled in a sand-cement screed. With more than 25 years of experience, we know what it takes to install a wooden floor with underfloor heating. Since the 1960s, more and more sand-cement floors have been used as screed. This provides a good basis for applying underfloor heating. We also offer the milling of underfloor heating in a sand cement screed as a separate service.

When the new floor is poured, the pipes can be placed in it. If this option is not available, you can choose to mill the underfloor heating pipes. Before we mill the underfloor heating in the sand cement floor, we can remove the existing finishing floor for you.

Removing existing floors

We can remove and dispose of the existing floors for you in consultation. We can remove various floors such as tile, PVC or wooden floors. We ensure that the entire floor is clear and ready for the milling of the underfloor heating. If necessary, we will level the floor, whereby the underfloor heating can be started a day later.

Removing Radiators

Bij de aanleg van de vloerverwarming kunnen bestaande radiatoren komen te vervallen indien gekozen wordt voor hoofdverwarming. Een erkende loodgieter kan de radiatoren definitief verwijderen namens Uipkes Houten Vloeren. Ook een convectorput kan komen te vervallen, de put wordt dichtgezet met een reparatie mortel. Hierna kan gestart worden met het aanleggen van de vloerverwarming.

When installing the underfloor heating, existing radiators can be omitted if main heating is chosen. An authorized plumber can permanently remove the radiators on behalf of Uipkes. A convector pit can also be omitted. The pit is closed with a repair mortar. After this, you can start installing the underfloor heating.

Milling underfloor heating in sand cement screed

With a sand cement subfloor as the basis, we mill the slots with a special floor milling machine. The milling is carried out as dust-free as possible due to the special dust extraction. The slots are made with a depth of approximately 17 mm. Plastic pipes of 14 or 16 mm are placed in the slots. With main heating it is desirable to maintain a distance of 10 - 12.5 cm as a heart to heart. The pipes are fixed in bends so that they remain in place.

The pipes are connected to the distribution station that is placed in the room, for which a cabinet can be used if the space permits. If there is no supply and discharge from the boiler here, a plumber should prepare this. There should also be a power point at this location.

Don't have a plumber who can take care of this? Uipkes is happy to help you with a plumber. The plumber will connect the distribution station to the on and return of the heating boiler. Before installing a wooden floor, the slots must be closed with an epoxy-bonded agent. To reduce consumption, this can be mixed with grinding dust or quartz sand.


Cost of milling underfloor heating in sand cement screed

For an average surface of 50m2, the following cost indication can be used:

  • The costs for removing and disposing of the existing finishing floor are from €15,-/m2 including VAT. This strongly depends on the floor type.
  • For leveling the screed, an investment of approximately € 21,-/m2 including VAT must be taken into account.
  • The investment for milling the underfloor heating, placing the pipes, placing the distribution station, lubricating the slots and connecting the pipes to the distribution station amounts to an investment of approximately € 3150 for a space of 50 m2. - incl. VAT.

Time needed for complete package

Based on our example of 50m2, a complete care of all work to refurnish the space would have a lead time of approximately 7-21 days. You can use the following distribution:

  • Removal and disposal of the existing floor, possible leveling of the sand-cement floor; approx. 1 day.
  • Routing the underfloor heating in the sand-cement screed, placing the pipes, suspending the distribution station, connecting the pipes to the distribution station and lubricating the pipes, approx. 1 day. (when all other preparatory work has been carried out)
  • Installing a new wooden floor in a color of your choice takes about 3 days. Drying the wooden floor for about 2 days.

Points of Attention

  • Space should be free of stuff.
  • After removing the existing floor, we may need to level the floor
  • Existing radiators and convector wells must be disconnected and removed by a plumber. (Preparatory work)
  • At the position of the distribution station, a supply and discharge of the heating boiler must be prepared.
  • There should also be a power point at this location.
  • If necessary, Uipkes  can provide a plumber who will take care of this preparatory work.

Also have underfloor heating installed in sand cement?

Do you want to have underfloor heating installed in a sand cement floor? We also install underfloor heating as a separate service, so without buying a new wooden floor from Uipkes. Visit one of our showrooms in Alphen, Amsterdam or Naarden to coordinate the project and view our wooden floors.