Basal Brown wood floorsBasal Brown engineered wood floorBasal Brown oak floors
Basal Brown wood floors
Basal Brown engineered wood floor
Basal Brown oak floors

Basal Brown

Beautiful deep brown color in which the grain of wood colors dark. The color Basal Brown was created by applying dark colored oil on the wood floor. Our custom made dark wood floors are produced according to a traditional recipe. The example shown here is an oak floor, available as a solid wood floor or an engineered wood floor.


Clean the dark oak floor periodically with a mop and the soap we supplied. Maintenance is needed once every 4-6 years, depending on usage.


Our wooden floors can be used for a combination with underfloor heating, underfloor cooling, as kitchen floor, bathroom floor or bedroom floor and can be installed in appartements, new buildings and offices.


Available in widths from 8 to 38 cm. All our wooden floors are produced in the Netherlands and are available in sizes of your choice. Read more about buying a black wood floor here.