End grain pattern wood flooring

End grain pattern floors

End grain pattern flooring is an eye catcher for any interior. The floor consists of countless cubes which creates a unique floor that's different from all other wood flooring patterns. Browse our portfolio of end grain floors and be inspired!

End Grain Pattern Floors

An end grain pattern floor, or 'floor of cubes', is not so common in an interior or business space area, but it gives a special and playful character to the floor and the interior. The Uipkes end grain pattern floors are made of solid wooden blocks that come from the cross-section of the trunk. These floors are therefore harder than other wooden floors. These durable floors are manufactured in the Netherlands and we provide all floors with 5 years warranty in The Netherlands.

                            'End grain floors create an industrial look'

End grain pattern floors

Visible growth rings of the tree trunk

The beauty of an end grain pattern floor is that the growth rings of the trunk are visible in each floor part. These type of floors are so wear and tear resistant that they are also suitable for heavy commercial applications. An end grain pattern floor is glued to a firm underfloor.

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Cost of end grain wood flooring

Costs of an end grain pattern wood floor

The end grain wood floor consists of a lot of small pieces. These small parts of wood are handmade and require many hours of time to tailor in detail. Creating and installing an end grain wood floor requires true craftsmanship and the result will last for decades. 

'End grain pattern floors: a sustainable investment'

Installing and sanding these floors requires a lot of time and this is largely reflected in the price of an end grain pattern floor. On the other hand, this type of floor can last over a hundred years and is therefore a real sustainable investment.

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End grain pattern floor in the bathroom

End grain pattern floor color options

Our end grain pattern floors are made of oak wood. Oak wood is not only durable, timeless and hard, but has beautiful organic drawings and is easy to work with.

       'End grain pattern floors are available in many different color treatments'

We can deliver these floors in 90 different colors, so you will have plenty of choice. The floors are all oiled. The 100% durable oil is made according to traditional recipes and perfectly protects your floor.

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End grain wood floor maintenance

End grain wood floors are oiled with an oil of a completely natural composition. You can swipe the floors everyday if you like, eventhough this is not necessary in most situations. End grain pattern floors are supplied with their own soap that makes the floor clean and beautiful again.

Also, it is always good to regularly clean the floor by dusting it or using a mop. In the supplied maintenance kit you will find means to keep the floors in top condition. Good floor maintenance not only prolongs service life, but also protects the finish of your floor.

End grain pattern floor


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