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Herringbone Pattern: Get inspired

Herringbone floors made of engineered wood or solid wood are available in large dimensions: the new version of the classic herringbone floor.


The herringbone pattern has made a comeback and is applicable in many different types of interior. A herringbone floor immediately gives each living space a personal and warm atmosphere.

The herringbone pattern floor with large floorboards is a classic floor with a modern twist. We supply herringbone floors in any size and wood type. From oak herringbone floors to wide herringbone floors and from parquet to solid wood floors. Uipkes has many years of experience in supplying and installing these wooden floors for a wide range of clients.

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Uipkes mainly supplies oak wood herringbone floors that can be treated in many different colors. We will also be happy to create herringbone parquet of other types of wood on request.

Do you have a specific color in mind for a herringbone floor? Uipkes has developed 90 colors which you can choose from: from white, light floors to dark, black floors and every color in between.


A wood floor in herringbone pattern together with underfloor heating has been a warm successful combination for years. A herringbone pattern engineered wood floor can be installed on underfloor heating. The so-called dry construction systems are also possible, which are applied to existing wooden construction floors in the century-old homes in Dutch cities.

Of course, in newly built homes it easy to glue a herringbone floor over underfloor heating. We always check 4 weeks in advance if your underfloor is suitable, so you can enjoy your new floor without any worries.

The top layer of the engineered floor we use is 4 mm oak wood. If you ever want to, this floor can be sanded several times, so the floor has a lifespan of many decades.

The resistance of this herringbone parquet is low (Rc = 0.088), which makes this floor applicable to almost any type of underfloor heating. Uipkes applies wooden floors on underfloor heating since 2003!

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Uipkes offers the choice between solid hardwood herringbone pattern floors and herringbone parquet. The difference between our parquet and a solid wood floor is difficult for the untrained eye, but it has some important consequences.

Herringbone parquet is an engineered floor with a solid wood top layer that can be installed on underfloor heating, while this can not be done with solid hardwood herrinbone floors.

Due to these differences and Uipkes' specialization in wood flooring with underfloor heating, we recommend the engineered floor to almost all customers.

oak wood herringbone


The price of a herringbone floor depends on several factors, including the wood type, the thickness of the floor, the choice between an engineered or solid hardwood herringbone floor, and the type of finish.

For example, do you want to the floor tightly sawed against the wall or in the bathroom or without skirting boards? All wishes can be fulfilled.

In order to make it as easy as possible, we designed a module that instantly sends you the price of the desired herringbone floor via email.

Want to know more?


At Uipkes Wood Flooring you will not only get a herringbone pattern floor, but also the corresponding service around installation of the floor. We will visit you for a pre-inspection to measure everything and advise you on the procedures and best practices. We check if the subfloor has the correct composition, whether it contains the correct moisture content and whether it is flat enough. In addition, we measure the floor area and discuss all the details before installation. So if there is anything you have questions about, then there is all the time to get to the best and most beautiful end result. You won't have to worry about your floor and you will always get the herringbone floor according to your wishes.

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Herringbone pattern wooden floors can be installed in all areas of the house. From living room and kitchen to office and bathroom. The floor can be treated with an oil that is resistant to all kinds of liquids.


The herringbone floors are oiled with full natural oil, which is produced in a sustainable way according to traditional recipes. The floors are protected against common external influences such as water, coffee, coke, wine or beer. You can basically mop the floors everyday (if you want to).

We supply our herringbone wood flooring with a soap that makes cleaning the floor easy. In addition, it is always good to dust, vacuum clean and / or moisten the floor regularly. In the our free maintenance kit you will find the means to keep your floor in top condition. Regular floor maintenance prolongs the service life and protects the finish of your floor. 

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Our herringbone floors are avaialble in all sorts of sizes, colors and wood types. Are you interested? Contact us now and join us in the showroom in Alphen aan den RijnNaarden or Amsterdam!