A wood floor for your bathroom

Yes, a wooden floor can also be installed in the bathroom!

The wood floor in the bathroom creates a warm and cosy ambiance in the house. The wooden floor in the bathroom gives this space character. Enriching your bathroom with a wooden floor feels like a warm bath when you enter it.

You can choose from many different color options for the wooden floor in the bathroom, creating a perfect combination that fits the character of your home. The wood flooring patterns you can choose in the bathroom are very diverse. Common choices here are:

Underfloor heating and wood flooring in the bathroom

We can also install the wooden floor in the bathroom in combination with underfloor heating. A warm solution!

  • chevron pattern wood flooring bathroom
  • wood floor bathroom 2
  • wood floor with bathtub

Wood Flooring and Water

When taking into accout some caution, it is possible to install an engineered wood floor in the bathroom. Installing a solid hardwood floor in a bathroom is not recommended. Due to the large difference in air humidity during and after you take a shower, as well as the contact of water directly on the wooden floor, problems arise with the expansion and shrinkage of these solid hardwood floors. Despite the fact that wood floors in these areas must always be glued, moisture can still sometimes flow between the boards. This has an effect on the quality of the wooden floor. The effects of shampoo and shower foam, for example, also affect the finish of the floor. Because the wooden bathroom floor is placed from 15 mm to 20 mm from the wall and is usually covered with a coverlist, this finish will be water resistant but never waterproof.

For all these reasons, taking a shower cannot take place on the wooden floor itself. You can install a wooden floor in the bathroom up to the area where showering takes place. The wooden floor can be entered after your bath or shower without drying yourself. You do not have to be afraid of a water ballet.

The floor could be cleaned every day, if desired.

Also want a wood floor in your bathroom?

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