Staircase Renovation

In addition to installing many floors, Uipkes has also gained a lot of experience in the renovation of staircases and providing stair treads and risers that complement your wood flooring.

Closed wooden riser stairs in same color as the floor

Wood flooring for your stairs

Do you have a beautiful historic building or a more modern house with ditto stairs? And do you want this to match the color of your new wood flooring to create a cohesive and symbiotic flow throughout your home? When you buy wood flooring from Uipkes we give you the option to renovate your staircase with hardwood stair treads in the same color finish as your floor.

Every staircase renovation is a custom project. The installation of wood stairs treads and risers is almost always possible with the required craftsmanship that Uipkes can provide. That way you will have a gorgeous staircase matching your beautiful wooden floor.

Oak stair treads leading to sunken living room

Advantages of wood flooring with staircase renovation

There are some great advantages to staircase renovation in combination with  wood flooring:

  1. Your hardwood stairscase will exactly match the color and wood of your floor.
  2. You save money on materials and man hours by ordering your floor and staircase renovation at the same time.
  3. You save time because all activities can be planned with one company and you don't have to deal with several contact persons of multiple companies.
  4. You can customize your wood flooring and staircase renovation accoring to your wishes. If you want certain wood details in both your stairs and wood flooring, we can make that happen. For example: a herringbone or chevron pattern floor that transitions to steps into a sunken living room.
Open riser stairs in living room with contrasting color

Types of staircases and treads

We have extensive experience in installing wood flooring on both open and closed riser stairs, straight stairs, L-shaped stairs and spiral stairs. Besides providing and installing custom wooden stair treads, we can completely renovate your stair banister with wooden handrailings and stair spindles.

When you acquire an engineered oak floor we can renovate the stairs with beautiful oak hardwood treads in the same color oil finish. This makes the staircase completely resistant to dirt and liquids and easy to clean by sweeping or mopping it. The oak stair treads are made up to 45 mm thick in any desired width and depth. We advise you about the possibilities and indicate the expected costs in advance.

Uipkes only renovates a staircase in combination with a wood flooring purchase.

Uipkes Showroom Amsterdam

Tell us your preferences

Come to one of our showrooms in Amsterdam, Alphen or Naarden-Vesting for a conversation about your wood flooring and staircase renovation. During a showroom appointment, you can show us photographs of your home and staircase, so we can give you tailored advice about the possibilities and give you an indication of the costs for wood flooring in combination with staircase renovation in the same color finish. You can make an appointment here.

  • L shaped staircase renovation
  • Upholstered hardwood stairs across several floors
  • Complete staircase renovation including banister, handrailings and spindles

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