Cork is strong elastic and relatively soft. These properties make cork floors less well-wearing and no good basis for gluing. However, it is still possible to use a cork subfloor as the basis for your new wooden floor. You can easily place the floor on a foil underlay.


Our wooden floors can be installed on virtually all floors. Every subfloor must be level, permanently dry, firm, free of cracks, dust, dirt and adhesion-inhibiting substances.

Does your current floor consist of cork tiles, cork strips or floor parts? Based on the composition and properties of cork, it is only possible to install your new wooden floors floating on foil, battens or alu heat. In each of these installation methods, the floor is placed loose on a damping interlayer which also has an equalizing function. A floating floor is easy to install, moveable and moreover: budget-friendly.


We would like to advise you about the different installation methods and we can also place and finish your floor for you. Do you prefer to do the work yourself? Then look at the different installation methods for a first impression.