How to buy a new wooden floor?

If you want to buy a beautiful custom wooden floor, it is important to orientate yourself well on the options. This way you can make a better decision between different types of floor coverings, but also between the different suppliers of wooden floors.

Wood and craftsmanship come in different grades, which you will notice when you visit various showrooms for advice. On this page you will find all information about wooden floors, so that you can visit a showroom well prepared.

Wooden Floors have been around for centuries

Wooden floors have been used for centuries. In the Middle Ages, wooden floors were laid in castles, monasteries and mansions. Nowadays you can find wooden floors in all types of homes, such as apartments and new-build homes.

Wood was, is and remains a very popular and timeless form of floor covering that is an enrichment for every room

Buying a wooden floor from Uipkes®

Uipkes has many years of experience in supplying and installing custom-made wooden floors for many individuals, architects and companies in the Netherlands and abroad. Sustainability, craftsmanship, an eye for detail and our love for wood and design are central to this.

All our oak floors are made from wood that comes from sustainably managed forests and we also use environmentally friendly natural products such as linseed oil in the finishing of wooden floors.

At Uipkes, the traditional way of working has never gone away. Our experienced floor installers make your wooden floor in the installation pattern, color and wood sorting the way you want it. We also have extensive experience with installing engineered wood flooring on underfloor heating and can even take care of installing the underfloor heating for you.

Our wooden floors can be used everywhere, including in the kitchen or bathroom.

Custom Wood Floor & Wood Detailing

We offer tailor-made solutions, where we can show our passion for wood and traditional craftsmanship. So there is always a floor that fits perfectly with your interior.

You can also contact us for specific wood detailing wishes for your floor, such as a wooden floor without skirting boards, creating transitions between different rooms or cladding a staircase in the same type of wood as your floor.

Visit one of our showrooms in Alphen, Amsterdam or Naarden or schedule a video call to share your floor ideas with us and receive free advice from us.

Feel free to bring photos of the interior and the spaces where the wooden floors will be installed!

How much does wood flooring including installation cost?

Are you looking for a beautiful wooden floor including installation and are you curious about the costs? Look below for some examples for inspiration, where the m2 price including installation, subfloor, glue and VAT is stated. To receive a quotation of a wooden floor based on an example, click on the photo and then on 'request a quotation'. A no-obligation quote for your floor will be sent immediately by e-mail. To get an impression of more wooden floors, look at our portfolio.

Chevron wood flooring in living room - Noble Black - €199.00 per m2

White oak herringbone floor - Fresh White - €209.00 per m2

Wood floor in living room villa - Milk - €146.00 per m2

Chevron engineered floor in bedroom - Champagne - €199.00 per m2

Custom made wood floor in bedroom - Champagne - €146.00 per m2

French oak floor with underfloor heating - Cappuccino - €146.00 per m2

Wide plank flooring in the kitchen - Wool White - €146.00 per m2

Wide plank herringbone floor - Noble Grey - €198.00 per m2

Wood floor on underfloor heating - Unicorn White - €170.00 per m2

Chevron wood floor in bathroom - Champagne - €199.00 per m2

What to look for when buying a new wooden floor?

1. Wood Type

The choice of wood type and plank size largely determines the price of wooden floorboards. Tropical woods, for example, are a lot more expensive than oak. An oak floor is affordable, strong, easy to work with, has a beautiful drawing and a low resistance.

We only use the best quality oak from sustainably managed forests in Europe, because of the good properties and the environmentally friendly production process. Of course we can supply the floorboards in the wood type of your choice on request, but take longer delivery times into account.

Quality wood looks beautiful, works a lot less, shows no cracks, can take a beating and remains beautiful for years. The thickness of the top layer of our parquet flooring is large enough to sand and refinish the floor several times.

A custom-made wooden floor from Uipkes really lasts a lifetime.

2. Wood Sorting

The wood sorting refers to the wood motif. Do you want a wood drawing without knots? Then you choose French oak. Do you want some small knots in the wood drawing? Then you choose rustic French oak.

Wooden planks without knots are more expensive because these planks can only be made from a limited part of a tree. After all, knots are formed by the many branches of a tree.

3. Color

Uipkes has put together 90 unique colors that you can view both online and in the showrooms. You can also take sample plates home to see which color best suits your interior.

A wooden floor that has been treated with a color oil needs 6 months to reach the final color due to the influence of (sun) light. As a result, the color may initially differ slightly from the chosen color.

All colors are made based on a fixed recipe. A dark colored floor will become slightly lighter and a light wooden floor will become slightly darker in the first 6 months after finishing.

4. Installation Pattern

Uipkes can lay your wooden floor in 17 installation patterns. The rule of thumb is that the more detailed the installation pattern and the smaller the floorboards, the higher the installation costs. That is why a plank floor is less expensive than a chevron floor, where each floor part needs a separate treatment.

Discover the main installation patterns:

5. Installation & Details

Another important choice is whether you want to install the floor yourself or have it installed. Buying wooden floorboards and installing them yourself is the most economical option. The choice also depends on the detail work.

For example, if you have trench gratings, a staircase that you want to cover with the same wood, a special laying pattern, round walls or if you want to saw the wooden floor tightly against the wall without skirting boards, then hiring an experienced parquet installer is definitely recommended.

Wood of the best quality also deserves to be laid by good floor layers in order to achieve the best end result. Uipkes employs its own parquet fitters who work with our wood products on a daily basis, using the best tools and materials.

Would you like to receive more information? Visit one of our showrooms Alphen aan den Rijn, Amsterdam, Naarden-Vesting.

Everything about Wood

Below we take a closer look at the various topics related to buying and installing a wooden floor from Uipkes. Select a topic for more information.

Handmade oak wood flooring

Oak flooring

Oak wood is the most popular wood species for wood floors because of the natural and timeless character, the strength and hardness of oak and the many ways you can finish oak floorboards. Oak floors can be combined with different interior designs and various types of houses.

A durable oak floor of Uipkes is made in the Netherlands and delivered world wide in the color, shape and width that you like, so you will never have limited options.

Wood flooring in living room

Engineered Wood Flooring

Uipkes Wood Flooring supplies various types of parquet. This is an engineered floor (layered wood floor) available with various toppings and suitable for underfloor heating. You cannot see from the surface whether it is a solid wood floor or parquet. The top layer comes from the same tree and is sawn, dried and planed in a durable wood processing company in the Netherlands, so we can provide you always with the best quality parquet flooring in one of our gorgeous color finishes.

Versailles wood flooring example Uipkes

Cost of Wood Flooring

Do you want to buy a wooden floor, but have no idea why prices differ so much between wood flooring suppliers? Here you will find information on how the price of a wooden floor is established and what to look at when you compare prices between suppliers.

Wood flooring can be used in all kinds of offices and homes


Our wooden floors can be used anywhere in all types of offices and homes, ranging from existing buildings to new buildings and apartments.

Stairs renovation with Oak steps

Staircase Renovation

In addition to installing many floors, Uipkes has also gained a lot of experience in the renovation of staircases and providing stair treads and risers that complement your wood flooring.

Outdoor wood flooring in herringbone pattern

Outdoor Wood Flooring

Create a unique terrace with a wooden floor for outside.

Real wooden floor in the bathroom

How to install wood flooring

A wooden floor can be installed in various ways, depending on the current floor of your home or office.

In addition, other factors can play an important role in the installation of a wooden floor. For example, if you live in an apartment, noise reduction is important. In that case, our advice is to install a 'floating' floor. In short: every situation requires tailor-made advice.

Sanding and maintaining a wooden floor

Sanding and refinishing wooden floors

A wooden floor is used intensively, in a commercial space more than in a private house. Over time, the floor needs to be refinished to make the floor beautiful again. In some cases the floor must be sanded, but this does not apply to an oiled floor.

Origin of Wood

Origin of Wood

In this time, it is important to be involved in a professional and responsible manner with the product wood. Naturally, we set high standards for our organization and our employees, but also high standards for the sustainable products we create.

Oak wood flooring colors


Hardness is an important feature for wood species. One type of wood is harder than the other. The harder the wood the more durable the floor. The hardness of  wood is measured in Janka, also known as the "Janka Hardness" system (N). This means the force measured in kg required to push a smooth steel ball with a diameter of 11,824 mm to the middle of the wood (the surface of the half steel ball is exactly 100 mm²).

Light colored herringbone wood floor in office The Hague

The appearance of wood

In general, there are three principal surfaces or sawing methods of wood: the crosscut surface, the radial surface and the tangential surface. The crosscut surface is any surface that is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the trunk. The radial surface is any vertical surface passing through the longitudinal axis of the tree and through the center of the trunk. It is also called quarter sawn wood. The tangential surface is any surface that does not pass through the longitudinal axis of the tree, but runs parallel to it. When sawing is performed in tangential direction, we speak of flat cut wood.

Floating hardwood floor in apartment

Movement of Wood

Wood is a versatile material, with infinite application possibilities. By nature it is beautiful, characteristic and warm. In addition, it is strong, durable and easy to handle. Wood is influenced by the soil, the climate and the structure and structure of the tree from which wood is derived. These influences make wood so diverse. When applying wood, consideration should be given to characteristics such as: wood moisture content, shrink and swell, volume and heat characteristics.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about our products and services? Order our free wooden flooring magazine, request an online quote within 2 minutes or visit one of our inspiring showrooms for free advice! It is also possible to make an appointment for a video call.