White Chevron pattern floor installed in an apartment

Wooden floor in apartment

Can you install a wooden floor in an apartment? Yes, that's possible! Wooden floors in whatever shape, planks, herringbone or chevron floor, can be installed in any apartment with a subfloor that may or may not be adapted for sound insulation.

For decades, wooden floors have provided atmosphere and character in homes and apartments. With apartments you are dealing with houses next to each other and above each other. Something that often accompanies this is sound. To ensure that you and your neighbors can live comfortably, the homeowners' association imposes requirements on, for example, the application of floor coverings. Hard floor coverings create more impact sound than, for example, carpet. As a result, strict requirements are attached to this. But how can you still enjoy a beautiful wooden floor in your apartment?

Common mistake with floating screeds

Many regulations of the homeowners' association state that a sound-reducing subfloor must be installed with a hard floor covering. This is true for existing apartments, but is not correct for floating screeds.

A common mistake is the use of "old" regulations / documents by the homeowners' association or builder. Older documents are often consulted when the requirements/regulations are drawn up. Documents are often used in which the architectural situation is different from that of newly built apartments or houses. When a floating screed is used, a wooden floor must always be glued.

Sand cement, anhydrite or wooden decking/supporting floor

In apartments with screeds (anhydrite or sand cement) directly on the supporting floor, or only a wooden supporting floor, a sound-absorbing subfloor will always have to be used. Various subfloors are suitable for this. For example, in the case of a sand cement or an anhydrite floor, cork can be used. In the case of a wooden constructive floor, a Fermacell floor can be installed.

Wooden floors that can be installed floating, such as a plank floor, are provided with loose sound insulation ( -/-10 dBa) Wooden floors that must be installed with glue, such as herringbone or chevron floor, are provided with a glued sound-absorbing product ( -/ -10dBa).

Wide Oak plank floor in old apartment in The Hague

Apartment with underfloor heating

Wooden floors have been working well with underfloor heating and cooling for decades. Underfloor heating is especially used in newly constructed homes. With a choice of 17 patterns and 90 custom colors, a wooden floor can be constructed to suit your wishes. The wooden floor can be installed directly on the subfloor with underfloor heating. You experience the warmth of the wood and the underfloor heating.

Can underfloor heating be installed in an existing apartment?

In existing apartments it is also possible to apply underfloor heating. In many cases, such as with a sand cement screed, the underfloor heating can be milled in with minimal increase in height.

Underfloor heating can be milled in with wooden load-bearing floors by means of a Fermacell floor. If desired, the Fermacell floor can be applied with sound reduction. Always consult with the homeowners' association about the use of underfloor heating.


Wooden floors are durable and also value-adding for your apartment. Wooden floors from Uipkes last a lifetime, so the floor does not have to be replaced every 10-15 years like other floor coverings. In addition to the economic benefits, wood also offers ecological benefits.

Wood, with wool and cork, is the only recyclable floor covering. It ensures a healthy living environment and stores CO2 as long as it is not burned.

In an apartment a wooden floor can be installed without a threshold

Can a wooden floor be installed without a threshold?

In apartments or houses, a wooden floor can be installed without thresholds, creating unity and tranquility. The wooden floor will follow the subfloor. If the subfloor is at the same height everywhere, it can easily be installed between the different rooms. If there are differences in height, this can, in many cases, be compensated by a subfloor or by filling the subfloor.

It is also possible to connect the wooden floor to other floor types. The wooden floor can be installed "cold" against other floor types. When the floors are brought to the same height, there is no need to install a threshold.

Wide Oak wooden floor installed in a apartment with a floating screed

Is a wooden floor easy to maintain?

A wooden floor is maintenance-friendly! The maintenance of the wooden floors consists of periodic vacuuming and mopping of the floor. Previously, a wooden floor often had to be sanded, with a lacquer or hardwachs treatment this is also the case. With an oiled wooden floor from Uipkes, sanding is no longer necessary. Depending on the use, the wooden floor will have to be treated with oil again after 3-5 years to keep it in perfect condition. The floor does not need to be sanded.

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