Engineered wood flooring in apartment


When installing a wooden floor in an apartment, you are bound by the noise level determined by the Association of Owners or by the relevant housing cooperative.

Wooden Floor Floating on Battens

Floating floor

A floating wood floor reduces the impact sound of up to 11 dB. If you wish, you can get a TNO certificate (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) from Uipkes Wood Flooring, so you can enjoy your wooden floor. If you have special wishes let us know and we provide the solution.


A wooden floor is not really movable, because in most cases the floor parts are nailed or glued to the subfloor and other floor parts. When removing the floor, the the knife and groove of the floor parts will be destroyed. Engineered floor parts floating on foil or underfloor heating film can be moved to your next apartment, provided that the parts are not mutually bonded.